Shakespeare blamed a lot on women and lawyers, and understood scorned males better than most Americans.

But you don’t have to be a genius to know that, not counting Nancy Pelosi, no one’s more furious about the looming Death of Obamacare than its namesake, Barack Obama himself.

Even if Obama and his bamboozled band of Liberal DEMS pass their Witches’ Brew…Obamacare, its supporters, and all they symbolize, lose big in Pyrrhic Overtime.

We’ve already seen what happens when Obama’s thwarted: more lies, foolish speechifying, and phony props. 

Lately, as Obamacare rots, we’ve seen examples of Obama scorned, an intolerable state of being for him and others like him. 

Since the grins, lies, suits, and snow-jobs are no longer working, the only way to make himself look good is to cheat and bribe his way to victory, as if America wouldn’t notice or care.

Today, only 2 American psychiatrists comprehend essences inside the head of President Obama, a man tragically abandoned by his father and, at another critical time in life, by his misguided, self-centered mother. 

As for the rest of us, whether you think Obama’s suit is empty, light, or full, one thing is certain: he was ditched as a kid, and has known commonalities with other “Lost Boys.”

Chief among them are dishonesty, and a relentless, obsessive need to merit the admiration and attention denied during their “formative years.”

Black or white, most “Lost Boys” stop at nothing to plug the holes in their souls. When thwarted, they become exceedingly angry and reckless. One way or another, most crash and burn, usually in jail, with other wrecks whose fathers jumped the tracks.

But nevermind pesky proven stats, let’s just pretend O&CO are a football team that made it to the SuperBowl.  

Of course, rival teams trained like crazy through the year, and fought hard. 

Audiences everywhere awaited the apex of football excellence and entertainment: O&CO pitted against an underdog upstart team, TAP, aka, The American People.

Citizens salivated as they also looked forward to the World’s Most Excellent HalfTime Adventure, sponsored by Pepsi, Crunchies, and ZuckerLite.

Half of America rooted for O&CO’s first major control sweep in football history.

Led by obnoxiously perky cheerleaders, the other half yelled for AFL League Champions, TAP.

At last the day arrived. The game was a real fist-pounder. Tied in the 4th Quarter, the SuperBowl teams played ferociously, their eyes on the prize.

Minute by minute, spectators held their breaths. Some got so tired of waiting for results, they went outside to smoke.

Then, suddenly, in the final seconds of the game, QB Obama held onto the ball and dove for the touchdown, winning the SuperBowl for him and his team!

A few hours later, half the world was stunned to learn that O&CO were disqualified for cheating: ref-bribing, sponsor-kickbacks, ticket-scalping, and hotdog-poisoning.

Vincent Lombardi’s SuperBowl Trophy was wrenched from O&CO and awarded to its rightful owners, TAP.

But for the 2 psychiatrists, everyone in America was shattered. They’d tuned in for an exciting game of fine professional football, and in a no-good, horrible, terrible, very bad experience, got dominoes instead.

Like predecessors Carter and Clinton, President Obama remained angry for the rest of his life. And the will to win took on new meaning in America.