You’ll never hear it on CNN, but today’s REDS are known for being logical. Crazy as it sounds, Conservatives and Republicans still believe 10 + 2 = 12. 

TeaPartyPatriots have another name for this high-falutin’ logic. Most of us are so common, we call it common sense.   

On the other side, Liberal BLUE synonyms for RED logic range from dishonesty and cruelty, to lunacy.

Somewhere in the middle of synonyms lies the state of California. 

RedStateReaders know its Republican Primary’s in June. Thanks also to Fox News, Rasmussen, Liberty Leaders, TeaPartyPatriots, et al, more Americans are tuning in to elections across our beloved country, while it still belongs to us.

We have viewed the face of tyranny in America and loathe what we see. 

Our ancestors didn’t have to tell us about this terrifying face. It looks familiar, and 50% of Americans are still smart enough to be afraid.  

Of course we have more to fear than fear itself. Common sense tells us so.  

Which brings us to something else you won’t hear on CNN:

Most California Republicans, TeaPartyPatriots, many Independents, and some Democrats, now share the “bipartisan” goal of defeating Barbara  Boxer, CA’s 3rd Prima Donna and Liberal Tyrantessa.

But how many of these California voters are using the kind of logic that will ensure their desired goal?

How many will have the strength of character to control their conservative pride and prejudice, and to vote for the man assured of achieving their unified aim of defeating the ruinous Liberal, Barbara Boxer?

So far, according to the most respected California polls, the only June 8  primary candidate who can do this is Tom Campbell, Republican candidate for US Senate. 

If TeaPartyPatriots were as smart about California as they’ve been about other states, they’d table their obsession with the charming Conservative, Chuck DeVore.

He seems a good guy, an honest, deserving Conservative whose time will come, but only after a leader like Tom Campbell clears the path.

IfTeaPartyPatriots want to be wise about the BigPicture in California, they’ll throw their support to Campbell and allow him to do what growing numbers of Californians want:

A) First, to defeat Carly Fiorina, a dishonest woman who has demonstrated her lack of integrity, clearly revealing her bad Business/Politics-As-Usual instincts. 

B) Second, to “arlenize” Barbara Boxer and put California back on the leadership map of solvent, respected American states.

Sure, Massachusetts had its history-making miracle. But common sense, demographers, and  historians confirm that, in a boatload of ways, CA and MA are worlds apart.

In any case, if voters listen up and vote right, Tom Campbell offers California a miracle of its own.

And how about this for a quaint notion, enacted only by a rare, true American patriot: If Chuck DeVore truly cared about California and America more than himself, he would drop out of this Senate race and join forces with Tom Campbell. He’d have everything to gain, just not now.  

A Republican like Tom Campbell is the ace pilot for California’s Emergency Rescue Mission. At a time when the state is bankrupt, common sense tells us we sure can use a brilliant NumbersMan. Even if he is a moderate, a pre-requisite for victory in a state like California. 

Tom Campbell is that person, the necessary middleman with Class A integrity, who knows how to organize the territory and deal with the enemy.

You have to ease into a diverse land like California. With its wild, crazy and now bankrupt side, California’s not yet ready for a pure Conservative Senator…it still feels too much like overnight. 

Put another way: Ellen Degeneres will never take an immediate shine to Harriet Nelson or anyone like her. But she’ll have a better chance of coming around, if the right middleman makes the right introduction.

Tom Campbell is to California, like Mitt Romney is to America. Brilliant men who come in, repair the damage, and reset the stage for a successful, long-running play.  If America wakes up, thinks straight, and votes right.

Like America, California needs to elect an honest, strong, wise NumbersMan, with a proven track record of getting business done responsibly, effectively, and well….the first step towards increased employment and American prosperity.

Like Mitt Romney with America, Tom Campbell offers California its sorely needed Marshall Plan, and can deliver it. 

If California Conservatives andTeaPartyPatriots think carefully and hard, they will realize that Chuck DeVore’s time will come. Stubbornly insisting that time is now brings out the worst in them, defying their good logic and common sense. 

Determined to have it their way or else, these “Highway Conservatives” can unwittingly spite America’s face. It’s how they’ve lost our elections and their noses.

Now both terrifying and ironic, California’s state maxim was once a source of pride: “As California Goes, So Goes the Nation.” Few envisioned the shame of “going” to such abject failure and defeat.

California’s Chuck DeVore (and on a national scale, Ron Paul) represent the political equivalent of “buzz cuts,” fine in some states, but not in all.

CaliforniaTeaParty insistence on these razor cuts will result in their undoing and ours. What works in Florida, Massachusetts, and Kentucky will not work everywhere, and it was rarely intended to.

Love that buzz all you want, but in politics, it’s better to have a good haircut than no hair at all.