First, if you don’t think bankruptcy is dangerous, you might as well stop reading.

Second, for the knee-jerk-criticals out there: No, I’m not a campaign “troll.” I’m just a regular American citizen who cares about solvency in all states that add up to united.  

Since we still are, tomorrow’s a reeeeally big day in California. But you wouldn’t know it if you watch FOX News. 

Still, once upon a time at FOX, one top numbers-man allowed another to speak his brilliant mind about America’s largest bankrupt state.

Months ago, Neil Cavuto interviewed honest Tom Campbell, the only California Senate Primary Candidate reliably polled to beat the destructive Liberal Democrat, Barbara Boxer….by 7 points, no less!

Cavuto alone lived up to Bill O’Reilly increasingly hollow declaration, “we’re looking out for you.”

Otherwise, we can blame FOX for not trying.

We can blame FOX for not reporting, so we could decide how..or whether…to help a major bankrupt state out of the hole Liberal Democrats most definitely dug.  And continue to dig.

We can blame FOX for failing to educate its audience about how to right one of America’s most important states, in a nation where few think bankruptcy is cool.

Apparently deciding one sunshine state sufficed, Chris Wallace chose Florida, Rubio and Crist to spotlight on his FoxNewsSunday.

Glenn Beck also picked his poison.  He once held court with Chuck Devore and Carly Fiorina, interviewing only 2 of the 3 California Senate Republican primary candidates. Beck deliberately snubbed the 3rd. 

The man Beck refused to invite on his show was Tom Campbell, the only  candidate of the 3 who can accomplish the putative goal of ending its bankrupt Liberal policies. 

Why did Beck do this?

Was it because Campbell’s father was a close friend of FDR, a stellar Illinois judge, a giant among men, women, and Democrats, in the days when some had their heads on straight? And Beck has a fierce, out-of context animus towards such old-timey Democrats?

In any case, shame on Glenn Beck for not letting us decide.

Sure, Campbell has superficial strikes against him: he’s only a serious grown-up who knows how to get things done well. He’s not another California peacock, or a “let-go-put-upon” feminist who blows with the wind and Bloombergs her way into power. He’s not a Conservative to be tarred & feathered in this LeftLiberal state.

Honest Tom’s only a staid, brilliant Stanford professor from “the bankrupt state,” a student of boring old Milton Friedman who knows how to add and subtract exceedingly well. 

In many ways, Campbell’s the California version of Romney. He knows how to swing in the Liberal Jungle and bring out the most people alive. 

Even the Liberal LA Times declared that Campbell’s the only primary candidate who can beat California’s foolish spendthrift, Barbara Boxer. 

But how can inquiring minds decide if FOX does not report? The answer is, they can’t. 

By not reporting news to help us decide, FOX is allowing candidates with personal fortunes to flood us with the equivalent of SuperBowl ads for Bud Lite. In this way, FOX, the “fair & balanced” news media many of us came to know and love, has helped subvert the democratic process. They are deciding, not us.

If this sound familiar, you’re getting warm.   

Perhaps FOX concluded California’s “hopes for change” might as well be ignored, since it’s already gone bust. But FOX is not alone in its thinking. 

According to most recent polls, it matters not at all to most Californians, that among the 3 Republican candidates running for Senate, only one can beat Barbara Boxer, another reckless Liberal Democrat who, like Obama, has thrown gasoline on America’s fire.

Worst among these California voters are the Republicans and many people  who call themselves TeaPartyPatriots. They’re the ones who should know better and do not.

These citizens rail relentlessly about the destructive policies of Liberal Democrats. They are capable of thinking clearly enough to see that America’s house is on fire. Yet, when they have the chance to help put it out, they insist on voting their way in the primary, permitting the Democrat to win the general election.

Most deliberately reject the rare person who can put out California fires, or at least quell them to ember-stage. This is not just dumb, it is madness. 

When our country’s on fire, everyone who doesn’t want to burn-up, carries water and pours it on. One wonders what it takes when the bankruptcy bomb is not enough.

But I shouldn’t be surprised. Chiefly due to culture-rot, today’s Californians are known for voting for “Paris Hilton” when they need “Jimmy Stewart.” And the majority of Americans knee-jerked this same way in our last presidential race.

The tragedy is, many of those thoughtless voters still think politics means “never having to say you’re sorry,” as America burns and the rest of us with her.