The BlueMedia man and I met at last year’s AMERICANS for PROSPERITY Conference. A good reporter from SLATE, he was astonished to find a TeaPartyPatriot supporting Mitt Romney.

I figured it would be too much to add that I’d been a Romney fan since 2007. It seemed excessive to confide that I admired the ideas and dedication of Newt Gingrich, that I hoped to see Herman Cain as our next VicePresident, that Michele Bachmann was smart, articulate and effective, and had he noticed Liberal fear and loathing of aforementioned?

But, off the bat, the Liberal reporter was right: the majority of Conservatives weren’t going with Romney and it’s surprising to find a TeaPartyPatriot who is.  

Per current expression, most of these church-going Conservatives just couldn’t “get their arms around” this made-in-and-for-America guy. They didn’t “like” him. 

Bright, careful, honest, earnest, loving, measured, practiced, dedicated, loyal, strong, faithful, brave, Mitt Romney reeks of integrity, embodying at least 12  qualities Conservatives profess to revere. 

That Romney’s rare integrity isn’t enough for most Conservatives is almost as frightening as Obama’s predicted and disastrous term in office. 


The Graham-Cassidy Bill Must Pass

It’s as if Clark Gable knocked on the Producer’s door, offered to play the role of Rhett Butler, and David O. Selznick turned him down for Joseph Cotton. It’s not that Cotton wasn’t a great actor. He wasn’t the right man for that role. 

Already envisioning hate-mail from the engaged & enraged, I’m hoping  more American Conservatives will stop acting like spoiled, ungrateful children, and start rejoicing that “someone” has handed them a strong, capable leader on a solid platter.

Of a few good RedTeam candidates, only Romney can get every job done well, starting with the most crucial for America’s future: defeating Barack Obama.

Call it what you will, leaders like Washington, Adams, Tubman, Stowe, Lincoln and Douglass et al called that “someone” Divine Providence, the Force Conservatives have always said was with them.

If ever there’s a time to look for signs of Divine Providence and absorb the teachings of our wisest leaders, it’s now and beyond, while tomorrow is still another day.

And as for today, 3 January 2012, as increasing numbers of Iowans wake up: 

*Mitt Romney, former Massachusetts Governor, barely tops the polls. 

*Rep. Ron Paul, anachronistic embarrassment to the RedTeam Republican Party, tugs at Romney’s heels like the anti-Toto. 

*Rick Santorum, former Senator, valiant Conservative and a far, far righter man, assumes the position, as he prepares to Place or Show.

Will Iowa Conservatives do the right thing, join forces, and help put the RedTeam over the top where it belongs? 

Will they go back to basics and show the rest of America that, after all their productive protesting, Conservatives know how to do their homework?

Or, as America fights for her life in a most uncivil war, will they stay stubborn in the corner, acting more like Liberals than people who are supposed to know better?