Government must never pick winners and losers, or it will turn losers into winners.  What redress shall the people have, when the very system has slipped into such mania.  By Fiat, the government can do nothing but harm.

How can the same people who plundered the House Bank and embezzled from the Congressional House Post Office now manage Economic Recovery?  Go see for yourself.  Search for House Scandal.  Sift through the data.  There are a few guys with R next to their names.  They were dealt with, to be sure.  But the vast majority of cheats and crooks in Congress are Dems with a Capital D.  It’s the rare occasion where they always have a true majority.

“[W]ho are these, that have thus taken the government into their hands? Men of the most abandoned character, of blood-stained hands, of insatiable avarice, of enormous guilt, and of matchless pride; men by whom integrity, reputation, public spirit, and indeed everything, whether honorable or dishonorable, is converted to a means of gain.”  –Gaius Memmius (here for his timeless and prescient reflection on those who would lead:

President Obama.  Both Hawaii and Harvard have sealed his records, so the people only know of Obama what the Media has reported.  He was Pres of the Harvard Law Review, so what has he reviewed?  According to one article I found, he kept quiet during his time there.  Something’s being held back, but we’re in no position to demand the truth be known.  We can’t handle that.  Seriously.

I thought Chairman Barney Frank couldn’t even run a successful male call-girl ring out of his Senate offices.  But, as I attempt to check my facts, I can’t find any reference to it anywhere.  So I guess it never happened.  He was around in 83, when it was going on.  But he wouldn’t know anything about all that sex with Senate pages.  Seems like his past has been retconned.  To be fair, I have to admit I can’t heap the mud on him like I wanted to.  Barney Frank, hellofaguy.  Your finances are safe in his tender care.

And Secretary Geithner.  According to wiki, from 60Minutes, “[He is] currently dealing with multiple high visibility issues, including the survival of the automobile industry, the restructuring of banks, financial institutions and insurance companies, recovery of the mortgage market, demands for protectionism, Obama’s new tax proposals, and relations with foreign governments…”  Let’s check back again later, and see how any of these issues fare under his management.  We’re in good hands, I’m sure.  After all, a former FED Pres. can surely work for the good of the citizenry.  Restructure away.

Why does no one seem to care about any of this?  Or is it that no one can think to stop the Reign of Madness.  Maybe the appearance of guillotines and gibbets across the country would be a heady reminder to those people that there’s always a third option to ‘go along, get along.’