Three states will choose ccongressional candidates this Tuesday, Missouri, Kansas and Michigan.  In two of those states, Missouri and Kansas, they will select new Senatorial Candidates, with the retirement of Sam Brownback (R) KS, and “Kit” Bond (R) MO.

The Missouri senate race is pretty much a done deal as two big family names will clash for the seat.  Democrat Secretary of State Robin Carnahan will try to feed off the name of her father and convince voters that she has her own views independent of the Democrats in Washington.  She will face Rep. Roy Blunt although State Senator Chuck Purgason will try to upset that plan.

The senate race will be one of the closest watched races in the 2010 midterms and will have a great impact on how large the Republican’s wave will be.  CQ rates this race as a toss up.  We all need to get behind our candidate here.  In this state we should be leading considering the path of destruction the Washington Democrats have cut.

In Kansas Reps. Jerry Moran (R) and Todd Tiahrt are fighting to replace Sam Brownback who has retired.  Whoever wins should immediately become the favorite to win the seat.

In Congresssional races,

Kansas 1st is the seat that Jerry Moran has given up to run for senate.  This is a strong Republican district so the winner will become the next representative.  Well known State Sen. Jim Barnett is considered the front runner but challenger State Sen. Tim Huelskamp, has been fighting a strong conservative fight and is backed by the Club for Growth, and just picked up the NRA endorsment.

Kansas 2nd, Lynn Jenkins is the incumbant Republican who should win handily.

Kansas 3rd, In this once Republican stronghold Dennis Moore (D) incumbant has decided not to run and while the state party was scrambling for a candidate, his wife, Stephane Moore appeared and has been annointed as the heir apparent to the seat according to Democrats.  The Kansas Star has chosen to endorse the Democrat citing her background as a nurse that they say qualifies her to understand the health care issue.  State Rep. Kevin Yoder (R) would have none of that and appears to be headed to the Republican primary victory.  State Rep. Patricia Lightner (R) who had previously lost to Mr. Moore is also running.

Kansas 4th, in a district that CQ says leans Republican, (I think the CQ leans left) the leading Republicans are Mike Pompeo a Republican National Committeeman with strong a conservative background and “Wink” Hartman a wealthy oilman among other less notables.  The Democrats will put up Rep. Raj Goyle.

Back to Missouri,

The state is presently split 4-4 between Republicans and Democrats Reps.  There only seems to be two seats in play.  First, is the Missouri 4th, with Democrat Armed Services Committee Chairman Ike Skelton facing a rising Republican tide in a district that gave John McCain 61% of the vote in 2008.  Time will tell whether Skelton can continue to vote with Pelosi’s Leftist Democrat machine and still convince the western central Missourians that he is doing the right things for them.  The Republican challengers are state Sen. Bill Stouffer and state Rep. Vicky Hartzler who has raised more money than Stouffer in the first quarter of the year.  Vicky Harzler describes herself as a fiscal conservative and one who can bring mid Missouri values to Congress instead of San Francisco Values.  Bill Stouffer says he’s the right candidate to represent the Republicans because he can appeal to more Democrats.  In a Republican majority district I don’t think that was a wise statement.

Does CQ have a left leaning slant  try this, they reported Missouri 9th, is held by Bliane Luetkenmeyer (R) but his weak showing in 2008 in a conservative leaning district has given Democrats hope that he can be vulnerable.  Follwed by this Democrats fail to file in the 9th.  It is an interesting article that seems to spell doom for the Dems in Missouri.  The article is old but interesting.  The primary should reveal much about the winds of change blowing accross the country.  Change, yeah you better believe it’s coming.

Finally, Michigan

Michigan’s 1st, Bart Stupak is retiring.  Is that because he cut a deal to keep abortion funding out of the health care bill only to find that it was in there anyway?  What ever the reason, he is gone and this is a conservative district.  Democrats are putting up Rep. Gary McDowell, who also claims to be against abortion.  The Republicans are Dr. Dan Benishek, who entered the race before Stupek quit, and entered the race himself because of the health care fiasco that was signed into law.  Tom Stillings, Jason Allen, Don Hooper and others all claim to be the candidate of the tea party.  The Republican winner will have to immediately establish valid credentials and build a campaign to take back this seat.

Michigan 3rd, is a district where Rep. Vernon Ehlers has just retired.  The GOP nomination will go to the person who best represents fiscally conservative values and work for the repeal of the health care bill.  Three names make the possible list for the GOP, Rep. Justin Amash, former Kent Co. Commish Steave Heacock, and State Senator Bill Hardiman.

The most interesting race here, not including the long list of Republicans battling it out in Michigan’s 2nd, (including Jay Riemersma, former NFL player employed with the Family Research Counsel), are the candidates in Michigan’s 7th.  The district currently has a democrat incumbant, Mark Schauer.  CQ lists this seat as a toss up which makes me think the Republican will win.  The real question is “Who is the Republican?”  I have to admit to some bais in this race.  Running in this race is Brian Rooney, an Iraq war veteran and brother of Tom Rooney the freshman incumbant from Florida’s 16th,  congressional district.  They are both the grandsons of Art Rooney, Pittsburgh Steelers former owner.  Their uncle is Dan Rooney, team chairman and U.S. amabassador to Ireland.  I know the Rooney family and can only say great things about them.  They are truly family loving americans who believe in the greatness of this nation and the need to bring it back on course.  This seat is a Democrat seat because of the discontent with George W. Bush back in 2008.  Republican Rep. Walberg was caught up in that discontent and Obama hysteria and swept from office after only one term.  He is running again.

One last district that could come into play is Michigan 9th, if the tide is red Paul Welday, Anna Jenek, former Judge Richard Kuhn, or military veteran and former state rep. Andrew Raczkowski hope to claim this seat back for the Republicans.

If you have any further information on any of these races please add your comments.