Think about it. The Chicago Tribune even went so far as to defend it. Called it “insignificant” to the root of the awful crimes on which it reported. The liberal media and America’s self-appointed black leaders are involved in a “soft” cover-up: Black-on-black crime in the streets of Chicago is out of control.

We saw the same phenomenon in the (non)-response to (black) “flash-mob” violence a couple of years ago. Only the brave (black) mayor of Philadelphia had the cojones to not only speak the truth, but to chastise black youths for their indiscriminate (and yes, racist) crimes – against random white people – solely because they were white. Now, it’s murder – and its getting worse. And what do we hear? Crickets.

The “mainstream” media will not speak the truth. The Rat will.

The reason the “mainstream” media – by virtue of disingenuous rationalization – refuses to speak out against black-on-black crime is this: To liberals, it is more important to ignore the ugly reality of blacks killing blacks at a record pace than it is to take the risk of alienating (living) blacks – as if telling the truth about Chicago street violence implies some sort of ethnic disloyalty. This, of course, begs the question:

What could be more racist than ignoring the fact that innocent blacks are being killed indiscriminately – simply because they are being killed by other blacks?  It’s kind of  ”double-racism,” isn’t it?

Consider the following:

As of August 29th, 55 homicides were recorded in Chicago – making it the deadliest month of the year.

Two other months this year recorded 50 or more homicides – March and May.

Through mid-June, homicides were up 38% in Chicago over the same period in 2011.

Through mid-June, Chicago homicides outnumbered the number of U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan over the same time period.

Various theories exist as to why Chicago’s murder rate is out of control. It’s been blamed on everything from hot weather to high unemployment in “some neighborhoods,” but the most likely explanation seems to be this: The splintering of the Windy City’s drug gangs. Sgt. Matthew Little of the Chicago Police Department’s gang enforcement unit sees it this way:

“In the past, the gangs were very organized from the top down. As more gang leaders are arrested, convicted and sent to prison, the gangs they left behind have become very splintered. These kids have guns and they end up using them.”

From NPR:

Jeff Williams is a former gang member. He now works in the streets for CeaseFire, a group that tries to quell gang violence. He sees a lot of this summer’s killings as personal:

“A lot of cliques, getting into it with each other, basically over real senseless things. It can range from somebody stepped on a shoe, to a guy swerving in the street, somebody got wet with a water gun and didn’t want to get wet with a water gun. Anything could spark at any given time.”

Where is Jesse Jackson? Where is Al Sharpton? Where is Louis Farrakhan? Where is the New Black Panther Party? Where is Barack Obama?

The ugly truth is the ugly truth: Chicago’s young blacks are killing each other in record numbers – and America’s race-baiters – er – self-appointed black leaders are far more interested in running around the country crying “Racism!” where it does not exist; far more interested in promulgating a racist “us vs. them” mentality – designed to keep as many blacks on the liberal plantation as possible; far more interested in power and self-promotion than in the integrity and courage to call it what it is and condemn it outright.

What could be more racist than that?