If there’s one thing President Eye-Candy can count on, it’s the Herculean effort generally put forth by his lapdogs in the media to not hold him accountable. For anything. Ever. However, in the rare case when the Obama Media Group fails in its cult-like duty and temporarily switches sides and calls him out – which doesn’t happen often -what does O do? Caves in like a cheap tent. You see, O’s political compass isn’t effected by public opinion or the will of the American people (See: ObamaCare.), but by the behavior of the sock puppets of the liberal media.

Take the hubbub that erupted not only over his failure to appear before White House correspondents for six months or thereabouts, but also over his refusal to even answer questions from reporters covering his campaign – all the while having no trouble finding time to sit down with People Magazine, Entertainment Tonight and “Pimp With The Limp.” What did O do? He raced to the White House briefing room for a quick Q&A on the Monday following a weekend of heightened criticism over the whole thing.

Then we had the revelation that President Genius has skipped over half his daily intelligence briefings (PDBs), choosing instead to “read the memos.” You know, he’s so damn superior in intellect to mere mortals – why on earth would he need to actually meet with intelligence officials, ask questions or listen to the give-and-take of his advisors?  Hell – he’s above all that, right? Except that once the story got out and began to gain traction in the media, guess what? Now word comes from the Regime that O’s intel-briefing attendance is nearly 100%.  (Wow – sounds like “gold star” time, huh?) Amazing transformation? Of course not – he once again caved in to criticism from his normally-loyal minions in the media.

The latest example – and most troubling – was the Regime’s coordinated attempt – from a nanosecond after the event occurred – to claim that the attack that on the Libyan Consulate that killed Ambassador Stevens was “spontaneous.” O trotted out UN Ambassador Susan Rice to lie make a fool of herself on the Sunday morning talk shows; Hillary immediately described the attack as spontaneous. Astonishingly, O even stood before the United Nations this week and embarrassingly spent 5 1/2 minutes lying about the anti-Mohammad film to the world.

But – as the Obama Media Group began to consider its own credibility – vs. that of the Regime – the support for “O’s Big Lie” eroded. As a result, not only does Hillary now admit the attack was indeed pre-planned and carried out by al Qaeda operatives – the White House has finally – albeit reluctantly – fessed up too.

The bottom line is what I said at the top: This pretender-to-the throne thrives on blind-eyed sycophantic protection from the sock puppets of the Obama Media Group. When – in those rare instances – the OMG goes over to the dark side, O rushes at breakneck speed to put his finger in the latest hole in the dike.

The other bottom line is this, America: The ability of the media to not only shape public opinion – but to influence the actions of a narcissistic shallow president whose paramount objective is reelecting himself – is still profound. Scary too.

Can you imagine where this election would stand right now if we had an unbiased media?