If you have paid any attention to the news about the ill-fated attempt by Israel to turn back a ship intent on running Israel’s blockade of Gaza, a few things are painfully obvious from the videos provided by the Israeli government of the incident.

1. The Israelis completely underestimated (bad intelligence?) the nature of the threat provided by the passengers (thugs?) of the ship. It was a combination of bad judgment compounded by bad tactics.

2. Fair Warning was given by the Israelis and was in accordance with international law (h/t “Yid with a Lid“)

3. The original intent of the Israeli Navy WAS NOT to harm or injure the passengers of the ship. One does not have lethal intent when the first weapon of resort is a paintball or beanbag gun and the most you have for backup is a pistol.

4. It was obvious that the passengers were ready to resist and had put considerable effort in preparations.

a. There was a surplus of “passengers” (thugs?) needed for a relief ship.

b. Preparations were made (pipes and knives)

c. They knew that the Israelis would not initially attack with lethal force. (this wasn’t the first time to the “dance” for both sides of the incident.

5. The Israelis, in the end, had no choice but to resort to lethal force to save their own people from injury or death. The lopsided death toll is easily explained: The Israelis were professional, trained troops and knew how to handle small arms more effectively than the rent-a-thugs on the blockade runner.

To anyone who might not be familiar with the current situation, Gaza is currently under control of Hamas and make no mistake, Hamas is a full-fledged terrorist organization bent on killing Israelis and destroying the state of Israel. There is no excuse for any civilized nation to have anything to do with them until they renounce violence as a political tool.

However, it is a sign of the times that Europe, after a few years of guilt post WWII, is returning back to its anti-semantic ways. The continent that once embraced burning of Jews at the stake, pogroms and gas chambers (yes, Germany was the main culprit for the latter, but they had help from a lot of other countries, even countries they were occupying by force) is once again slipping into its comfortable veneer of blaming the Jews. The old prejudices are coming back to life and this time aided by a swelling Muslim population in their cities who increasingly hold sway over the political life and outlook of Europe. Dhimmitude is the word for it.

And make no mistake, the left in Europe (and in the United States!) increasingly are comfortable with this rise of racism in their midst, indeed, they are often the leaders. Imagine the outcry in the U.S. if major political figures had associations and agreed with a resurgent Ku Klux Klan in the country. Yet, our own administration has direct, ties to racist organizations and Muslim bigots who openly flaunt their Anti-Semite creed and words. And we hear nary a peep from our main-stream press. Why? Because they are comfortable with the hate being spewed or are cowed by it.

Well, now we are going to see the true colors of this administration and how they really feel about Israel and Jews in general. Israel turned over Gaza years ago. For the most part they have left the West Bank. The Palestinians have reacted to these concessions not by softening their rhetoric, but by hardening it. Gaza citizens chose Hamas. They should be held responsible for that choice.

The video from today made it clear, the Israelis merely were intent on diverting the ship to port and they would have, as in the past, went thru the cargo and made sure only humanitarian goods, not rockets, were sent into Gaza. The masters of the ship were wanting a fight and they got what they were looking for.

Shame on the West and shame on Obama if he tries to steer a middle path on this. Thugs and terrorists SHOULD NOT be objects of sympathy but condemned (without hesitation!) with a clear, strong voice.

Like I said, Gut check time for Obama and this administration. And for my Jewish friends in the Democratic party…Gut check time for you if Obama and his minions play the middle path…at best.