If you live in Florida, you are being bombarded by this attack Ad –> Here is the Ad via CQ politics.

First, the obvious. In no part in this attack ad is Rick Scott allowed to talk. It is just a rapid fire series of accusations, with a final pitch to report Medicare fraud to “1-800-HHS-TIPS”.  Do a little experiment. Google “1-800-HHS-TIPS” and find out who owns the number. Or, Just click HERE. Yep, it sends you to a US Government sponsored Webpage (specifically Health and Human Services). The Website is a combination of a venue to report Medicare Fraud and a government advertisement in support of Obamacare – in other words, just more of your tax dollars going towards PR for Obama’s radical healthcare operation. If one were a cynic, one could make the argument that whoever is paying for these attack ads is afraid Rick Scott poses a threat to “Obamacare”.

However, It appears that Dick Cheney’s daughter, Mary Cheney is the leader of “Alliance for America’s Future” so I doubt it is a “Pro-Obama” Group. Here is a link to their Single page website: Click Here. Pretty barren and closed mouth site. I sent an email to the contact address listed on the site asking for information on who runs the organization and where the money comes from…but I doubt if I get much from them.

First, I want to make perfectly clear. I am not against special interest groups spending money to support their causes. In fact, I am in favor unlimited donations to candidates, as long as the donations and who made them are made public for review within 3-5 working days. When I say who made them, I mean the names of the individuals who donate to a PAC or pay dues to a Union. No anonymous donations allowed.


Enforcement or Dirty Regulators?

What I am against is candidates (like Bill McCollum) who use third party proxies to do their dirty work. I’ve already posted once on Bill McCollum hiding behind this PAC and stand by my piece. This type of sleazy political behavior and “Old Guard” GOP tactics is the main reason the Democrats hold overwhelming majorities in both the Senate and the House. It also resulted in an electorate that was fed up with such tactics and sent, in desperation, a totally unqualified novice to the White House. Mark my words if the Republicans somehow manage to take back the House or Senate this election, and it marks return of the same old GOP tactics of 1996-2008…then expect voters (like me) to look for alternatives to the GOP.  Also, if you think Bill McCollum’s campaign was not aware and sanctioned this trash, then you probably think Obama is doing a heck of a job on the BP Oil Spill.

I’ve made my position on who I have decided to support this year for Governor. 30 second attack ads do not work on me and I have looked into the charges and come to conclusion that while mistakes were made on Rick Scott’s watch, his resignation was more of a turf battle with the then politically connected Frist family of Tennessee than any personal culpability by Rick Scott. Read my piece here.

Some people who I respect have questioned my backing of Scott over McCollum. The continued McCollum sanctioned onslaught of our airways by the shadowy “Alliance for America’s Future” is one big reason I am supporting Mr. Scott. This is the politics of the Old GOP. If the Republican Leadership thinks that the Republican voters are just going to sit back and let the same, tired politics and political tactics of the past continue without challenge, then they are going to be severely disappointed. Didn’t the Republican Party of Florida or the RNC learn ANYTHING from Jim Greer/Charlie Crist disaster? (Speaking of which, when is our Republican led legislature going to start investigating the felonies that Charlie Crist is being accused of by his once closest confidant? If our legislature is afraid of taking on “Turncoat Charlie” Crist, then I suggest we fire them as soon as they are up for re-election)

Second, we have GOT to get away from expecting all our political leaders as never having failures or flaws in their past. Winston Churchill made some the most horrendous military and foreign policy decisions of the 20th Century BEFORE he assumed the British Prime Ministry in May 1940. In fact, if today’s standards and methods of vetting politicians were in place then as they are now, Churchill’s political career would had been over with the fiasco of Gallipoli or his aborted invasion of Norway in 1940. As one pundit said, “Other than saving Western Civilization, Winston Churchill never got anything right in his life”. The Great Man himself said “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.”

Rick Scott is was and is a successful businessman. Rick Scott was never accused of fraud by the government and was never even interviewed by the authorities about what happened at his own company. Rick Scott has met these charges head on and what the commercials never show you is Rick Scott defending himself.

Bill McCollum is a career politician and while he is now against Rick Scott and Columbia/HCA, he was originally for them. His flip-flop on the issue is worthy of Charlie Crist himself. His tolerance for “Alliance for America’s Future” goon tactics is unacceptable and if, as I suspect, his campaign has connections to the PAC, it is intolerable. “Throwing Mud” during a political campaign is unavoidable and is “American as Apple Pie”. However, this blogger expects candidates to have the integrity to throw their own mud, not used hired bullies.

The State, and the Nation, are tired of the same, entrenched political powers holding sway over our lives and hard earned money. Bill McCollum has morphed over the years into consummate Florida “Good Ole Boy” Republican with the same old inherent flaws. Rick Scott also has flaws, but at least he brings a fresh perspective and a different set of ideas to the game. So both candidates are flawed, but this is one blogger willing to gamble on a candidate that brings a fresh, small government, free enterprise perspective towards governing.