This is an open letter to the Republican party of Florida, to the Republican elected majorities in the State Senate and State House and to all Republicans running for election in 2010.

The only reason Republicans are doing better in the Polls now is that the electorate thinks the GOP now sucks less than the Democrats.  That’s it.  People are scared over an out of control Federal government and they collectively know that we CANNOT keep on going down this profligate path.  There is no third party organized or strong enough to take out the Democrats except the GOP.  We are winning by default; no more, no less. Unfortunately, it appears that in DC (and probably Tallahassee) Republicans listening to the “grassroots” simply means going to the occasional Tea Party rabble and then going back to the bar and snorting contempt for said Tea Party Activists and then doing a few shots. Read About it here. Real Bad Move…..

In Florida, The GOP is the party in power, but guess what…no one trusts our elected officials. If you elected Republicans think that that the Republican “Brand” has regained its “luster” in the eyes of the voter, you are sadly mistaken.

One major reason we don’t really trust you: When Barack Obama showed up on our doorstep in 2009, waiving “free money” in our faces, our Governor, our Senate and our House, with little regard to the consequences, took the money and ran.  The most egregious sin that was committed was the decision to build a High Speed rail between Tampa and Orlando.  This 6 billion dollar waste of funds was done over the objections of the people of Florida.  It was Republicans who led the charge, carrying Obama’s water and damn the tax consequences for future Floridians.  Make no mistake, this white elephant will, like every other mass transit system in the world, will need massive influx of our tax dollars to operate. That is fact and I challenge ANY ELECTED REPUBLICAN IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA TO PROVE ME WRONG.

The road to recovery is to first admit you have a problem.  It is time for our Legislature and our Governor to admit they made a really bad decision and stop this project in its “tracks”.  After the Gulf Oil Spill and with hindsight of now seeing the folly of the Obama Economic plan, it is plain to everyone that Florida cannot afford this expensive boondoggle.

Kill it now!!!

It will take an act of political courage and the willingness to admit that it was a mistake, but if the Florida GOP wants to demonstrate that they finally “get it”, cancelling this project will tell the people that our governing elite hears the rising chorus of voices that are calling for financial austerity to save the American Dream for our children. If our elected leaders say they “it’s too late, we can’t do it”, then I say we elect people who can. You know, REAL Americans whose vocabulary doesn’t include the phrase “Can’t Do It”.

For Rick Scott and Bill McCollum (or any other Republican that has a stake in the August Primary): This issue is a political winner.  The first of you to come out in no uncertain terms for cancelling this Rail Project will cement his base (and more!) both for the Primary and the General Election.  It will take guts and it will take arm-twisting with those who still live in fairy-tale land in the Florida Legislature.  However, the facts are strong enough to make this issue radioactive for anyone who continues to support building this insatiable black hole that will never have enough of our tax dollars to satisfy it.

High Speed Rail is a vanity project for the far left greens and environmentalists who feel that since San Francisco has a mass transit, so should everyone else.  Never mind that San Francisco and California are now economic basket cases.  The irony is that High Speed Rail will need Coal-Fuelled Power Plants to operate since we decided to spend our money on a silly railroad instead of concentrating on Clean Nuclear Power for our citizens. Until this country makes a determined effort to make the transition to a combination of Nuclear and Hydro power for ALL our electrical needs as a Nation, you are merely consigning us to more coal and hydrocarbon based electrical energy generation and we will continue to hemorrhage cash to oil-rich despots who are fundamentally opposed to the United States.

Florida GOP: No Guts, No Glory.  Make a choice.

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