I do not care whether you are for or against offshore drilling.  The fact is this: offshore drilling is already banned under Florida law and it takes an act of the Florida Legislature, along with the Governor’s signature to change this hard, cold fact.

It cost money to convene a Special Session and to do it in order to get a constitutional amendment that is completely unnecessary and could have waited to the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Legislature. It is the not only the height of moral and political duplicity on Charlie Crist’s part to call this special session, it is also indicative of his attitude towards the taxpayers money.  Crist considers our hard earned tax dollars as his own personal slush fund to throw around in order to serve his own arrogant sense of political entitlement.  Does anyone really think that by electing Crist we will be sending a man to congress who will work to get spending under control?  Already, Crist has gone on record favoring the unemployment extension using more deficit spending.  Hell, he is not even elected to the Senate yet and he is already pushing to put our nation more in debt.  This very act speaks volumes about his character and his motives.  A vote for Crist is a vote for Obamanomics and Obamacare.

Charlie Crist is now actively coordinating his campaign with Harry Reid and says he now does not support a repeal of Obamacare. What should also be pointed out is that when Charlie was nominally a Republican back in February, He was ALREADY against repealing Obamacare, but couldn’t give a reason why.  Here is a link to the article.  CHARLIE CRIST WAS NEVER FOR REPEAL OF OBAMACARE! This is not the actions of a serious man and anyone who thinks that Charlie Crist will be a Senator that will hold the line and reverse the tide on government spending are kidding themselves. Period. Simply put, a vote for Crist is a vote to continue the present course of economic suicide that we are on.

Don’t come talking to me complaining about big spending Republicans OR Democrats if you support Crist for Senate. That’s like bitching about serial killers while contributing to the Charles Manson Defense Fund.  As always, actions speak louder than words.

As for our Republicans in the Florida Legislature and our officials in the RPOF, take note:  You are losing the PR war to this craven political opportunist. Emails to the party faithful and trying to hammer on the theme of “It’s just a Photo-Op” is ineffective at best, laughable at worst.  The RPOF, the RNC and the NRSC should be in “Total Political War” mode with regards to Charlie Crist. LISTEN TO ME: The DNC and the Senate Democratsare going all in with Charlie Crist, not with Meek or Greene.  These two Bozo’s are the equivalent of “Political Zombies” (the walking dead) and with the possible exception West Virginia and the late Senator Byrd, no state will elect a “Zombie” to the Senate.

Republicans, the official Democratic Candidate for Senate is Charlie Crist. ACCEPT THIS FACT AND ACT ACCORDINGLY.  Party organizations  need to treat him as such and need to make his defeat one of, if not the NUMBER ONE priority of any U.S. Senate race in the country.  Traitors should not win.  We need to make it perfectly clear that A) Charlie Crist is joined to the Hip with Jim Greer and is a target for indictment; B) He is now the “De Facto”  Official Democrat Nominee and that a vote for Charlie is a vote for Obama and his disastrous handling of the economy; C) Use the Special Session to flat out accuse the Crist of blatant incompetence and line up a whole slew of regular folks to hammer the Obama/Crist response (That’s right: Obama/Crist is now officially ONE word); D) Pass an Arizona type immigration law and dare Crist to veto it and E) Use every resource the Republican Party can muster to outspend and hammer Crist on the airways.  TAKE THE GLOVES OFF NOW. YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME.

Like it or not, Raw Red Political Meat wins elections.  Elections are by their very nature, extremely partisan.  FDR knew this and milked Herbert Hoover for all he was worth throughout his time in office.  Legend has it FDR unified the country in face of the Great Depression.  B%llsh$t.  FDR was the master of hardnosed, bare knuckles political rhetoric and used it till the day he died.  Read this and listen to FDR in his own words if you don’t believe me.

The Republican base is looking for A) Vision and strategy to get us out if this economic mess and b) Red meat, hardnosed Republicans who can dish it out with the Obama/Crist style of Chicago Thug politics.  So far, all we are seeing is wishy-washy mushy State and National Republicans meandering about. If Republicans continue their stumbling ways, they may make in November what was supposed to be a wave election for the GOP into a trickle election, at best.