One of the sticking points for me on this whole healthcare debate has always how the left always comes back, “well where’s your side’s plan?”  Somehow responses of “stuck in committee” or “never to see the light of day while Pelosi is in charge” never seemed entirely satisfactory.

But this morning I got tweeted a link to a smoking gun, what should be the final proof that when the left says they want to see our side’s plan, they don’t mean it.

Check out the Whole Foods Market boycott.  It’s not over trade in countries with human rights violations, it’s not over any union or discrimination issues, but rather, it’s because its CEO and founder dared to write about an alternative idea to Obamacare in a Wall Street Journal editorial.

Thank you so very much, “Open” Left, for proving once and for all your complete and utter disingenuousness in your demands to hear alternative ideas.