In the wake of alleged ethics violations, most of the voters in the Garden State support the investigation into Sen. Menendez.

Forty-eight percent in a Quinnipiac University Poll released Wednesday think the issue is worth investigating compared to 32 percent who believe it’s politically motivated.

The Democrat’s job approval ratings continue to improve in the wake of the ethics probe, with 44 to 32 percent approving of the job Menendez is doing. That’s up from 40 percent in March and 36 percent in February.

Voters say 39 to 32 percent that Menendez is honest and trustworthy.

As the Dominican prostitute angle seemingly dissolved, his relationship with campaign donor Dr. Salomon Melgen is something else to look into – and more concrete.  Menendez used his influence to help push through Melgen’s port security deal in the Dominican Republic, and discouraged the U.S. government from donating port screening equipment since it might undermine his friend’s private enterprise.  Keep in mind that Melgen has no experience in this field.  In 2010, Menendez accepted two rides on Melgen’s private plane, and intervened in his Medicare dispute in 2009.  Yes, with all of these developments, it’s right to look into Menendez’s relationship with a donor that gave him, and other Senate Democrats, $700,000 last year.

At the same time, I’m curious how Mayor Cory Booker feels about this investigation.  Does he agree with it? Will Menendez campaign for Cory Booker in 2014? Does Mayor Booker think it’ll be helpful?  We should ask him  @corybooker.