Ignore the rest of this dross. The Management.


Mitt Romney today declared that the DNC platform position supporting marriage between like-gendered people is an outrage.  “There really is no place for this in America,” Romney declared through his campaign.  “America was founded as a Christian Nation and the Democratic position on this is an outrageous affront to the Christian religion and all Americans of faith.”


Suddenly Kathy Griffin Isn't So Annoying

Oh, wait – he didn’t say that?  Here’s what he said: ”                        ”

Nothing!!! Absolutely NOTHING!!!

This is only the beginning people.  I’ve said it here before and I say it again: The instant the nomination is actually his, we will see Willard accomplish a light-speed shift to the middle on EVERYTHING!!

Patriotic Republicans, there is still time.  We need to dump this tax-evading, job-exporting, silver-spoon sucking desecration into the dust-bin of history before the American people do.

Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, Newt Ginrich, Rick Perry, Sarah, give me anyone else other than Romney.

I only want what everyone of you readers want, and that is to see a true CONSERVATIVE in the White House next year.

Romney is a disgrace.