Alabama Democrat Senate candidate Doug Jones gets into his car after speaking to the media, Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017, in Birmingham, Ala. Jones runs against former judge Roy Moore. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

Last Tuesday, a firestorm of controversy erupted following remarks made by Alabama State Rep. John Rogers (D) regarding HB 314, a bill that would almost completely outlaw abortions in the state of Alabama.

After the bill passed the Alabama State House on a 74-3 vote, Rogers spoke on the House floor and stated: “Some kids are unwanted, so you kill them now or you kill them later. … Some parents can’t handle a child with problems. It could be retarded. It might have no arms and no legs.” He also expressed regret that Donald Trump Jr. was not aborted, after the latter condemned Rogers.

Many people reacted to these comments with shock, although I was not surprised in the least. Rogers only said in public what all of us already know the left to believe in private. Of course they know that abortion kills, and they have repeatedly shown their contempt for disabled children in particular. Clearly the mark of true anti-fascists, no?

In fact, abortionists benefit the pro-life cause when they just come out and openly advocate for killing instead of hiding behind smokescreen euphemisms like “healthcare” or “choice.” After New York legalized infanticide courtesy of Andrew Cuomo, and following Ralph Northam’s expressing support for a similar measure in Virginia, polling revealed a decisive swing toward pro-life sentiment. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

But in Alabama, we fortunately have Reasonable Democrat Doug Jones to the rescue. Following Rep. Rogers’ remarks, Senator Jones said: “It’s very, very unfortunate and I completely condemn all of those comments. That should not happen on either side of the political aisle and unfortunately it’s become a political issue.”

At least there’s still a few sensible Democrats out there.


Rogers was interviewed today on the radio show “Talk 99.5: Birmingham’s Real Talk” and pretty much threw Jones under the bus.

Discussing a recent phone call with Jones, Rogers said: “Well, he [Jones] called me twice. He told me, ‘Doug, John, I know you’re right but I got to come out against you.’ I said, ‘Okay.’ I said, ‘Fine, if it’s going to help your campaign, do that.’ I said, that’s the kind of guy I am.”

So according to Rogers, Jones privately agrees that some kids have to be killed now or later, and that if a child is “retarded” it’s okay to just get rid of “it.” But Jones has an election coming up, so he’ll just pull another fast one and all the unwashed masses will go along, right?

Basically, just another two-faced elitist radical leftist playing red state moderate. This too should not be at all surprising. In 2017, real conservatives already saw Jones for the standard far-left Democrat that he is.

Next year, Alabamians have a chance to send Jones packing. And I believe they’ll do just that.