The Louisiana GOP put up the whoremonger David Vitter up as their top candidate, sending him into the runoff against Democrat John Bel Edwards. And well, as a result of that lapse in judgement, Edwards won.

Now they’re paying the price for that as Edwards is so eager to tax and spend that he’s passing unconstitutional taxes that harm independent business people in the state.

// "> NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 02: (Editors Note: Transmitted with alternate crop) Amazon’s vice president of Kindle, Peter Larsen, displays the Amazon Fire TV, a new device that allows users to stream video, music, photos, games and more through their television, on April 2, 2014 in New York City. The unit goes on sale today and costs $99. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)[/caption]

Like most terrible tax ideas, the new anti-Amazon tax is sold as targeting a big, bad outsider, much like Donald Trump sells his import-tax ideas as targeting the Chinese. But the truth is, the people who are punished by the new tax are independent businesses in Louisiana trying to pay their bills, according to Biz New Orleans:

The Advocate reports the online retail giant has notified members of its Amazon Associates program that because Louisiana will now be collecting sales taxes on some purchases made online through “dealers” in the state, it’s no longer going to dole out commissions when people buy goods from Amazon after clicking through from Louisiana affiliates’ websites.

Character counts. Don’t vote for whoremongers like David Vitter, and you won’t hurt your state’s economy that way. Because the Democrats will pounce.