In a little publicized news conference this evening, the Marvel Comics Characters announced they would not be voting Democrat in the coming midterm election. The Superhero Spokesman, Dr. Strange delivered the statement, some excerpts are below.

“When I was contacted by the spirit of Mrs. Charlotte McCourt and informed that the dead had refused to vote for Harry Reid, we really couldn’t allow ourselves to delay our announcement any longer. Many of us have allowed ourselves to be the tools of the Democrat Party far too many times. Helping to elect that idiot in Minnesota, Senator Smalley, was bad enough, we will not add insult to injury of the American people.

The last straw for us was when the Obama Administration refused to allow Namor to plug the leak. The administration’s claim that it was “a crisis too good to waste” sickened even the most evil of our nemesi.

To the thousands of ACORN workers who will not have our assistance earning cigarettes and drug money during the Democrat voter registration push, it sucks to be you. Maybe Mickey Mouse will hook you up again.”