BARACK OBAMA’S TIES AND LIES Ten smoking guns We all know Barack Obama sat on the same Annenberg Challenge Board with Bill Ayers for six years, 1995-2000, and he has acknowledged such, however, he has had difficulty remembering any closer ties with Ayers and has denied any other associations. This list might refresh his memory.

1983-1984 Barack Obama and Bill Ayers lived one block apart in New York City. After Barack moved to Chicago they lived three blocks apart.

1987-1989 Barack Obama worked at the same law firm (Sidley Austin) in Chicago, where Bill Ayer’s wife (Bernardine Dohrn) worked. Michelle Obama also worked there under her maiden name Michelle LaVaughn Robinson. This is where Barack and Michelle met.

1988-1989 Bill Ayer’s father got Bernardine Dohrn the job at the Sidley Austin law firm. He was a friend of one of the Board members, Newton Midow, who was Barack Obama’s college professor.

1995 Barack and Michelle Obama attended a gathering at Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn’s home in Chicago and announced his entry into politics.

1996-2002 Barack Obama began his 7-year participation with The Joyce Foundation. During this time the foundation gave Bill Ayer’s projects (Chicago Public Schools Education Fund—CPSEF) nearly a million dollars (also see CPSEF below). They also gave funding money to a recently embattled voter-registration group ACORN, for whom Obama was once an attorney and voter-registration trainer. The Joyce Foundation has also riled the NRA when they heavily funded two ‘total-gun-ban’ groups.

1997 Barack Obama and Bill Ayers sat on the same small panel at a symposium on Juvenile Justice at The University of Chicago. The event was organized and the panel was chosen by Michelle Obama while she was a PR executive at the University of Chicago.

1999-2002 Barack Obama and Bill Ayers sat together on the 6-person Board of The Woods Fund, which gave large amounts of money back to Ayers, and other monies to Ayer’s brother John who ran the “Leadership Council”, an extension of CPSEF. The small panel also gave large sums of money to Rashid Khalidi (a staunch anti-Israel advocate) and his Arab-American Action Network (AAAN). Khalidi and his wife threw a fundraiser for Obama in 2000, they talk of Barack and Michelle spending many evenings at their home for dinner, and Barack has publicly endorsed AAAN. Khalidi claims Bill Ayers as his intimate friend, and he talks of spending dinners at Ayers and Dohrn’s home, and Khlalidi says he and Bill Ayers wrote the ‘jacket’ narrative for Khalidi’s book in Bill Ayer’s kitchen. The Fund also gave over a million dollars to an Obama law firm client, Allison S. Davis, who donated 25-thousand dollars to Barack Obama’s campaign.

2001-2004 Barack Obama sat on an even smaller fund board, “The Leadership Council” (mentioned above) with Bill Ayer’s father Thomas (2001-2002), and with Bill Ayer’s brother John (2001-2004).

2002 Barack Obama and Bill Ayers appeared at a conference together and sat onstage on a small 6-person panel at the University of Illinois at Chicago, with Bernardine Dohrn in attendance, where again, the conference was organized and the panel picked by the then PR executive at The University of Chicago, Michelle Obama.

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