Several states have felt so encroached upon, that they have felt the
need to issue resolutions to the federal government regarding their
proper role… as defined by the Constitution.  Arizona, Missouri, and
Washington have followed our lead and introduced similar resolutions.
We believe that Texas is next.  It is high time that we started
obeying our own laws, and high time that we said no to more federal
power grabs.  Please read:

States’ Rights: Gun Control, Involuntary Servitude, Martial Law: HCR6
Title: affirming States’ rights based on Jeffersonian principles.
Public hearing: 1:00 PM Thursday, Feb 5, LOB 203, 33 N State Street,

Please contact the committee members and ask them to pass HCR6.
Here are their email addresses:

Some members don’t have email addresses:
Rep. Leo Pepino (603)624-1476
Rep. Robert Haley (603)668-7832
Rep. Thomas Katsiantonis (603)627-9652

Thanks for your help.

Steve Smith