The saying is that “he went to Washington to do good and stayed to do well” and the first name that popped into my mind was Charlie Bass.  C-Bass (Former (r)epublcian congressman from New Hampshire, and current candidate in the CD-2 NH primary) epitomizes this ruling class cultural maxim.  He promised you term limits then changed his mind.  He became a Main Streeter, a moderate fence sitter who abandoned principle for the lure of getting along in a place and a culture with a leftward tilt.  And after he was ousted from office he didn’t come back to New Hampshire to help the GOP or to find a way to contribute politically to the state, he entered the revolving door, working with lobbyists and consultants, keeping his feet close to the warmth of the DC fire. 

And now, depsite there being two more than capable citizen candidates vying to represent New Hampshire Republicans in congressional district two, Charlie ‘term limits’ Bass is running again.  Why?  He’s addicted to the ruling class and he suspects that the two GOP candidates to his right will split the primary vote and he can float to the nomination in a year when disgust with any democrat could be all he needs to win a seat back at the big table.

He went to Washington to do good, but he stayed to do well.


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