[This article was originally published in the March 2012 issue of the Binghamton Review. With the exception of spelling and grammatical changes the article remains as it was written, by me. Enjoy!]

A little past midnight on Thursday March 1st, an idol to me and many others, Andrew Breitbart, passed away.  He was walking home with his Father-in-Law when he collapsed.  Paramedics were called but could not revive him.  He had a history of heart problems.  Breitbart was 43; he is survived by his wife and four children.  Andrew Breitbart was a man of great courage.  He loved to fight with his political opposition and always met them on their own turf.  He was known for re-tweeting all of the hateful tweets that were sent to him.  His professed goal was the destruction of the institutional left by reporting on the stories the left wind media would not, and in most cases cover up.  He is known for releasing the photos that led to Rep. Anthony Weiner’s resignation.  He also helped release the damaging video taken by James O’Keefe that led to the fall of ACORN.  His latest accomplishment occurred a few weeks before his death.  At CPAC he had a confrontation with Occupy CPAC that led to the media reporting on the numerous rapes that occurred at occupy camps.  He staged the confrontation because left wing media outlets were ignoring the rapes and the occupy cover up of them.

The favorite target for his attacks was the left wing media complex.  He was tired of how the left controlled the media, the narrative, and the imagery.  He saw how the media was set up to protect and promote Democrats.  He saw how the media vilified the Tea Party yet praised the riots of Occupy.  When the left was calling the Tea Party racist he stepped up to protect us.  He would go around with his famous rollerblades and video take the real violence and Astroturf rallies of the left.  When the left accused the Tea Party of spitting on black members of congress he proved the accusations false and a sham.  He called the media out on their hypocrisy and their one sided attacks.  His efforts helped the Tea Party get a breath.

His book Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World is a great motivational source for myself and many other conservatives.  In it he talks about how the early internet was a place for conservatives while the main stream media was and still is for the left.  In the early internet Matt Drudge was the number one source for conservative news; that’s where Breitbart first made his stand on the internet.  His influence grew and he helped pioneer the new media on the internet.  He created numerous websites for conservatives like BigGovernment.com, BigJournalism.com, and Breitbart.tv.  Through these websites he was able to call out the left media, liberal progressives, and occupy defenders.

As a result of his efforts against the left he became the largest target for their hate and vitriol.  Because of his courage and his strength in facing the hatred from the people who want to “Stop the Hate”, he gave the rest of us the courage and strength to do the same.  He gave me the courage to walk up to the people that call myself and people like me, ‘racist’, ‘uneducated’, ‘insane’, ‘hick’, ‘evil’ and say “FUCK YOU!”  Andrew Breitbart may no longer be with us but the effect he had will stay and grow.  Conservatives will no longer sit by and be the target of left wing media attacks.  We will no longer curtail our beliefs to fit the left’s view of the world.  We will be calling the left out like never before.

We will be pulling them into the light to show who they really are to the public.  You call us racist for wanting all people to be equal in the eyes of the law.  You call us anti-immigrant for wanting to secure our borders.  You call us war mongers for wanting to have a military that could actually defend us.  You call us heartless for wanting to cut the size of government.  You call us anti-intellectual for not wanting our kids to be taught to worship the government.  You call us evil for wanting to make sure the future is bright for our children.  You call us backwards for believing in Nature’s God, who gave us our unalienable rights.  We will not take it any longer.  We will shed the lies placed on us. We will no longer let the left wing media define who we are.

The effect of Andrew Breitbart’s life will forever be felt in the conservative movement.  In the coming months a documentary made by Breitbart unmasking the true Occupy, will be released.  Another film titled “Hating Breitbart” will be released this spring, showing all of the hate and vitriol Andrew Breitbart took from the left.  He gave our movement a chance and he gave our movement new life.  We will carry on, push forward, and push back.  His fight will continue on.  We will pick up his flag and go to war.

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