(The editorial below is a response to the charges that conservatives are the fomenters of violence in America today, as suggested on the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing.)


In the summer of 2009, with the health-care proposal being vigorously and vocally opposed by ordinary citizens at town hall meetings, president Obama called out his supporters to attend the meetings and challenge the opponents of his plan.


Within one day of his call, union activists and other Democrat strong-arm operatives had attended meetings in Florida, St. Louis and elsewhere and intimidated and roughed up health-care opponents – several of them elderly – sending one man to the hospital and injuring others. Kenneth Gladney, a black man in St. Louis protesting Obama’s health plan, was attacked, knocked down, kicked and called a “nigger” by Obama SEIU union thug supporters.


Hate crime, anyone?


Is this the kind of “change we can believe in” that American voters thought they were getting with Obama? Did they not hear Reverend Wright’s rants, or seriously consider Obama’s long association with domestic terrorist William Ayers? Did they think that “change” meant that we were going to segue from vigorous and even boisterous dialogue as protected by the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution into physical assaults?


Are voters surprised that the same thug Democrat operatives took photographs of people protesting the health-care plan, a blatant attempt at intimidation several days after the White House issued a call for citizens to report via the internet about people, websites and e-mail messages that opposed the health-care plan?


These were pure police-state tactics just 200 days into the Obama presidency.


Is the public surprised that an aide to Republican governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana was severely beaten in what is strongly suspected of being a politically motivated crime. After all, menacing protesters had gathered outside a Republican conference in New Orleans for several days.


It sure hasn’t taken long to expose Obama for who he is.


And as the news of Democrat violence filters out into the broader population and starts to sink in, Obama will see his polls go down further. Because there is a big difference between disagreeing with your president and perceiving him as an agent of thuggery. And Americans increasingly are disturbed not only by Obama’s proposals but also by his tactics and those of his hard-core allies. They are seeing that he is not the nice, smiling, post-racial president that they stupidly believed that they were getting.


There long has been a myth perpetrated by Democrats that people on the liberal side of the political spectrum are “pacifist” and “anti-war” and “peaceful” and “compassionate” and “tolerant”. Obama played on this image to get elected.


Nothing could be further from the truth. And this is not just an observation of the attacks at town hall meetings but simple observation of the liberal agenda showing that socialism is a culture of violence and anger in every way, shape and form. Consider the following:


*The Democrat party in America is the party of abortion on demand, no matter the duration of the pregnancy. More than 40 million babies have been aborted in the last 36 years since the Roe v. Wade decision. Tens of thousands of children have been killed at the 9-month point of birth by third-trimester abortionists like George Tiller who was closely associated with Obama’s Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius. This is pure violence against the most innocent among us.


*Black America is swimming in violence, murder, assaults, shootings, stabbings and mayhem. The Democrat party controls black America politically. We could write a book about this.


*’Pacifist’ left-wing Europe, which America is supposed to somehow emulate, has seen in the last 100 years alone two continent-wide wars, 100 million people killed in war and genocide, and hundreds of millions of lives destroyed by communist economic destruction. After the United States saved them, they have  insulted us over and over. When the US wanted to vigorously defend the weakling Euros from the Soviet Union with our Pershing missiles in the 1980s, they took to the streets by the millions in protest.


*Wonderful, ‘peaceful’ Europe gave us Stalin, Hitler, Lenin, Mussolini and the instruction book for mass murder and economic destruction, The Communist Manifesto.  Yet those brilliant Euros think we Americans are just a bunch of dumb hicks and hayseeds.


*The anti-war movement of the 1960s, controlled by the political left, frequently used violence, rioting and attacks on police to arouse public opinion.


*Illegal aliens commit huge amounts of crime in our country, while liberals dismiss the damage they do and seek to exonerate them, as liberals seem so often to seek to defend terrorists, criminals and the like.


*The American media and Hollywood have been soft-soaping murderous communist regimes for decades. When big Hollywood figures visit Castro as if he is a benign leader, or when the New York Times portrays America as equally as bad as the Soviet Union, that legitimizes the violence of those regimes.  


*Obama communications director Anita Dunn said in a speech that communist Chinese leader Mao Tse-Tung was one of the world political figures that she admired most. Yet Mao Tse-Tung was the greatest genocidal killer in all of human history.


*Homosexual America, which is overwhelmingly liberal, has disease and death statistics that are higher than any other group. But the American media are covering up this fact, while anyone who even questions the gay lifestyle is character-assassinated by the gay lobby. Just look at what happened to Carrie Prejean, the Miss California who supported traditional marriage.


*Organized crime, with its penchant for murder, violence and thievery, is a functioning arm of the Democrat party through labor unions and urban political machines.


*Suicide is statistically much higher among liberals than among conservatives.


*Liberals support euthanasia and assisted suicide for the elderly.


*Violent WTO protesters who travel around rioting, smashing and burning over the economic World Trade Organization meetings of the industrialized nations are part of a worldwide network of anti-capitalist communists and anarchists from the political left.


*Hollywood movies and TV shows, produced and directed overwhelmingly by ‘pacifist’ liberals, use guns and violence in alarming quantities. These productions spur violence in the general public. John W. Hinckley tried to assassinate president Ronald Reagan based on his obsession with the violent movie Taxi Driver. The Columbine High School massacre in 1999 was directly inspired by the film Natural Born Killers starring big Mr. Environmentalist Woody Harrelson. These stories are endless.


*Rock music and rap music, produced exclusively by the socialist left, are worlds of drugs, sexual exploitation, suicide, violence, murder and mayhem. Alcoholism, depression and self-hatred abound among the so-called “musicians” of this horrid universe. Go read about some of these people. They are very frightening.


*Left-wing groups like ACORN sent provocateurs into the Tea Party protests of April 15, 2009 to try and stir up trouble. In Pittsfield, Massachusetts, we were protesting peacefully when a group of black teenagers began screaming pro-Obama slogans and tried to provoke Tea Party-ers into fights with in-your-face confrontations.


*Labor unions are widely known for violence, murder and corruption. Think Jimmy Hoffa, which is just the tip of the iceberg. Unions are closely associated with, or are part of organized crime, which is an arm of the Democrat party. We could write a book about this.


*Liberal lawyers defend criminals relentlessly. This is an old and sorry story.


*Anti-gun liberals oppose lawful gun ownership, yet when criminals use guns to commit violent crimes, liberals try to get them off the hook while the conservative National Rifle Association seeks to have those criminals prosecuted for using firearms for illegal purposes.


*Left-wing college mobs routinely have used strong-arm censorship tactics and  physical assault against conservative speakers as they did to the founder of the Minuteman border patrol group at Columbia University. Yet the same Columbia allowed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak peacefully. Ahmadinejad, the so-called ‘president’ of Iran, hates Israel, and wants to wipe out the Christian West with a violent Islamic holy war. Yet when one audience member “persistently questioned” Democrat US senator John Kerry a few years ago, the protester was tasered by police (“Don’t taze me, bro!) and Kerry allowed it to happen without protest.


*Enviro groups like Earth Liberation Front have committed hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to car dealerships, ski areas and logging operations to try and stop them from dong their work.


Many liberals are violent people. But they draw in gullible old ladies and tree-hugging students and others to make their movement look like it is a peaceful one. It is not. The facts reveal this day after day.


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