Now, I know you all know about media bias – but here is a new take on this topic. Did anyone see the Alfred E. Smith Charity dinner? Well, I watched it four times on “Hannity and (the other one)” and “One the Record” on FOX. Of course I have to watch FOX because it – while almost a cliché, but rather true is most Fair and Balanced. To my point. While Mac was by far, BY FAR the candidate with more personality, humility, and respectability of the two candidates making their “comedic debut” it was Obama who was frequently looking back at Katie freaking Couric and Brian what’s his crooked faces name to see if they were laughing during McCain’s speech. It was his to me like Obama was seeking their approval to laugh or not. She swallowed her wine and fumbled with a napkin while John McCain was talking about Joe the Plumber. When Katie and Brian didn’t laugh – Obama wasn’t. Seriously. I cannot make this up…watch it again online. I’m guessing they weren’t laughing at McCain’s hysterical (where has that comfortable comedy been at the debates?) because J.M. is finally getting traction on redistribution of wealth to those that don’t even pay taxes thanks to Joe.

(Quotes come from watching the event and typing now)When John McCain was finished with his speech Katie (couldn’t see Brian) gave him some decent clapping after McCain roundly outdid Obama on quips, comedy, and candid issues in a humorous way. Obama’s lackluster sometimes moderately funny: “my middle name is not what you think. Its actually Steve…Barrack(?) Steve Obama.” No it is Hussein – and you’re right most of us never thought the majority of Americans would ever be dumb enough to vote for a guy like you. Another line: “I punched paparazzi in the face. I’m serious it was really embarrassing. I spilled my chi latte all over my shitzue” Oh you are so funny Obama. How do you do it with your ‘Superman’ like powers of eloquence?So when Obama was done with his speech, how did Katie Couric take his speech? She was gushing. GUSHING people! I cannot get the image out of my head. She had this proud smile on her face like her mentally challenged son had just won the spelling bee. I swear she was about to cry. Speaking of crying, I truly believe that Obama was about to tear up when Mac was giving Obama his due. Maybe it was just that Obama was so proud of himself for being the only (half) African American in the 60 or so on display for the cameras in white tie. I don’t know. I cannot profess to be inside that man’s head. But what I can tell you from what I saw several times. CBS and NBC appeared to have a serious love fest with Obama.

If I was Michelle Obama, I’d not let my man do any interviews with that chica on CBS anytime soon.

“Is FOX news considered the media?” Obama asks. Senator Government, uh, Obama – FOX news is the only media that can be counted on to at least give both sides. You’re just not used to being called on your BS by anyone on the television. You have gotten thus far a free ride. I fear that because the other television media did not do their job you will be the 44th President of the U.S. … however frightening that prospect is to me.