Right now neither the moderates in the Republican or Democratic Parties are content. I submit, the solution to what ails them long term is to create their own party. There is a huge need in the middle to influence politics, so why not organize. I am no expert of the 2 party system we have, but this could actually benefit everyone.

In the Republican Party, the country club moderates just tried to wrest control of the party and lost. Almost all of the moderates holding political office have been purged save 6-10 in the Senate and 25-50 in Congress. Who knows how many exist on the local level. Besides, didn’t Perot try this? If his effort wasn’t purely selfish he might have succeeded in creating a middle party. There is plenty of politicians (McCain) and grassroots to pull from the center-right.

In the Democratic Party, the blue bloods and moderate conservative types must twist their priorities in a knot, and lie to their constituents for absolutely no say or power in their Party. You may not have many Senators who would bolt (like Lieberman), but there are a lot (at least 50) in the House, and more than a few governors.

There is more agreement between the two alienated groups above than there is with their respective Parties. It is time for them to unite and make this a three party system. Heck in the Senate we already have 3 parties (see Gang of 12, etc.)

Maybe then each party could put forth a CANDIDATE THAT REPRESENTS THEIR BASE and moderates would feel they have a home. Of course they would also have to have a Party Platform.

In conclusion I would like to address what many will say is the biggest obstacle to this happening. Both parties feel they might never be able to achieve a majority to govern with a third party. The left will not want to loose the center because it gives them cover for their radical left ideas, and the right fears what happened with Perot in “92 when he pulled mostly from the Republican Party. I have personally concluded that things shape up differently than many fear. Here’s why…

1. You only need a majority in the House or Senate as all three parties would put forth their own canididates. I maybe wrong in assuming that the Center Party wouldn’t cut a deal with either side, but let’s assume that they would not. You would only need more than a third to be the majority party and have leadership, (not a bad idea for the left, right or middle). You would need the support of two parties (Center and either side) to pass legislation, allowing the right and left not to have to interact much. This would also affect the makeup of committees.

  1. We would have more options as serious major candidates to choose from for the executive positions. Everyone is always complaining about choosing the lesser of two evils. Well in a three party system you would have the lesser of three evils. Which doesn’t seem so great on the surface, except that the right and left might be more likely to choose an actual candidate from the left or right, making those choices seem a little less evil.

  2. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON OF ALL!!! It is this diarists humble opinion that the left is about to rig the system politically so that they remain in power for the a long time. Adding a third party would totally wreck their plans. It would add a dimension they did not expect, and screw up the demographics of almost every state, putting even the northeast and south in play for both parties. Remember you only need a majority in most places.

There you have it. A radical solution to let the middle have their say and their power, while allowing the parties of the left and the right to stop trying to lurch to the middle.