Attention North Carolina Conservatives!  There only a few days left until the May 4 primary, and conservative judges need your help!

Judges are elected here in North Carolina, and this year, conservative judges are facing a major battle.  According to the August 10, 2009, issue of National Review, money from liberal special interests is flowing into the Tar Heel State to defeat conservative appellate judges like Judge Ann Marie Calabria, Judge Rick Elmore, and Judge Barbara JacksonJudge Jackson thankfully does not have a primary, but Judge Calabria and Judge Elmore are facing primary challengers.  These conservative judges are determined to fight for judicial restraint and against judicial activism, but they need your help.  Their goal is for each of them to raise $80,000 from North Carolina voters by Monday, May 3, and they need your help.

Voting results show that NC voters prefer conservative judges over liberal ones.  However, because North Carolina’s judicial elections are “nonpartisan,” it takes a great effort to educate the voters on who those conservative judges are and what their message is.  The message is simple: Judge Calabria, Judge Elmore and Judge Jackson believe in judicial restraint, not judicial activismAn appellate court is no place for judicial activismJudges should not legislate from the bench.

Here’s why May 3 is so important.  North Carolina has “public financing” for judicial elections, paid for by mandatory contributions from lawyers to a financing fund.  In order to qualify for this fund, Judge CalabriaJudge Elmore, and Judge Jackson need to raise $80,000 from individual North Carolina voters by 5 pm on May 3.  This means we have only days left to go!

Will you please help take a stand against judicial activism today?  By law, the judges can accept contributions only from NC registered voters.  So, if you are not registered to vote in North Carolina, please share this with everyone you know who lives there.  Please go to the following links today and help take a stand for judicial restraint, and remember to vote for both Judge Calabria and Judge Elmore in the May 4th primary.

Donate to Judge Ann Marie Calabria

Donate to Judge Rick Elmore

Donate to Judge Barbara Jackson