In NC this year, amid all the attention given to Romney-v-Obama, McCrory-v-Dalton, and a slew of legislative and Council of State races, are 4 races at the bottom of the ballot which could have more of an impact on North Carolina for the next 10 years than all the other races combined: the races for NC’s appellate judgeships.  Conservatives in NC who care about following the Framers’ intent view of the Constitution and not legislating from the bench should remember to support Paul Martin Newby, David S. Robinson, Marty McGee, and Chris Dillon for the 4 appellate judge races this year.

Per NC’s Constitution, voters elect judges, from the Supreme Court down to District Court.  For years, the races were partisan, mostly because – like all Southern states – the Democratic Party ruled the elections.  However, in the late 1990s, Republicans started winning statewide judicial elections in NC.  This upset the Democrat majority in the state legislature, which passed a law denoting judicial races as “nonpartisan.”  However, people “in the know” understand the political makeup of NC’s appellate courts.  The Supreme Court currently sits with a 4-3 Republican majority (with 1 Republican seat up in November), and the Court of Appeals – which hears cases in panels of 3 – has a 9-6 Democrat majority (with 3 Dem seats up in November).  Therefore the balance of power in both courts could change in this year’s elections.

Why does that matter?  In 2010, for the first time since Reconstruction, both houses of NC’s General Assembly flipped to GOP control.  Since then, the new legislature has passed laws reforming medical malpractice and worker’s comp laws, cutting funding for Planned Parenthood, passing the Women’s Right to Know act which curtails abortion on demand, restricting NC’s ever-growing (and rarely working) government preschool program, eliminating automatic paycheck deductions for de facto-teachers’ union dues, and the biggest kahuna of all – redistricting.  Most, if not all, of the above reforms (and more) are or will be challenged in the NC court system.  If Republicans retain control of the General Assembly this year (likely) and Pat McCrory (R) wins the gubernatorial race (even more likely), true conservative reform could be thwarted by an activist/liberal court system.

Please make sure everyone in NC remembers the conservative judges in this year’s election.  Absentee balloting has already begun; early voting starts Oct. 18.  Please tell everyone you know to go to the end of their ballot and mark each of the conservative judicial candidates separately. Straight-ticket voting willNOT include the judges.  Remember “Scooby Dooby Vote for Newby” and “Run DMC” (David, Marty, and Chris, for those unfamiliar with ’80s rap).  Or copy and paste this list into an email or on your blog, Twitter feed, Faccebook page, etc.:

*Supreme Court Associate Justice: Paul Martin Newby

*Court of Appeals Judge: David S. Robinson

*Court of Appeals Judge: Marty McGee

*Court of Appeals Judge: Chris Dillon

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This year in NC, judges are critical.  Please share this post with everyone you know in NC and ask them to continue forwarding it.