President Obama and the EPA are so focused on the political gains greenhouse gases and carbon emissions can produce they have lost sight of environmental reality.

While the President and Lisa Jackson, his appointment to be the head of the EPA, prepared for the 2009 UN Copenhagen Climate Summit and the implementation of Cap and Trade, BP was receiving rubber stamps from the Obama administration on all their submissions for off shore drilling procedures. The agency that is responsible for protecting us from environmental calamity had lost sight of its most pressing duty. The very purpose of the EPA was sacrificed for political goals and agendas.

The EPA currently employs approximately 17,200 workers with a budget request for 2011 of $10.02 BILLION. You would think that $10 billion dollars could buy you a decent oversight program for offshore drilling and a plan to handle a situation if things go wrong. However, the only topic we ever hear about related to the environment from this administration and the EPA is Climate Change.

Well Mr. President, the climate has changed in the Gulf of Mexico. Nine days passed without so much as an official mention of the disaster from the White House. Two weeks go by before the President travels to the gulf to see things for himself. Thirty-nine days after the disaster the President finally says he is responsible and in charge of the situation.

The EPA is the lead agency responsible for our national response to the disaster in the Gulf. According to the National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan the EPA is the primary member of the National Response Team along with the Coast Guard. Yet, when was the last time you heard the name Lisa Jackson. The only things we have heard from the EPA regarding the spill are that those dispersant chemicals have not been tested and there is no impact study for sand barriers. Why haven’t the chemicals been tested? Why is there no impact study? All of these negative issues related to the impact of an oil spill in the gulf are the most basic questions the Contingency Plan should answer.  What does the EPA do? Who is Lisa Jackson?

The oil well blew on April 20th and a full month later President Obama was forced to bring in the retired commandant from the Coast Guard Thad Allen to take control of the situation.  Where has the EPA leadership been during the largest environmental disaster in US history? What do these 17,200 EPA employees do on a daily basis? They work 688,000 hours every week and yet can’t answer the most fundamental questions of an oil discharge or find someone reliable to inspect what BP is doing!

We should demand a full Congressional Investigation into the EPA and its activities. The agency has become such a political machine that it no longer operates as a protector of our resources and has become a $10 billion government organization used primarily to advance political agendas. This catastrophe in the Gulf has finally exposed the EPA as nothing more than a political arm of the environmentalist movement.

Who knew the President and the EPA would be correct when they said Global Warming is the greatest threat to our planet.  The irony is that BP Oil was able to drill an unsafe well because political agreements in Copenhagen were more important than the Gulf Coast of the United States.