(Starring Nancy Pelosi as Bill Foster)

“I’m the bad guy? … How did that happen?”


No, I really don’t expect to ever hear such an inquisitive realization from the intellectual blankness that is the current Speaker of the Unites States House of Representatives and second in line to the Presidency.  However, it is possible that similar sentiments could soon be collectively uttered about her by the slightly more rational elements of her party. 


Potential lesson:  Sometimes “fighting the system” (snicker) and “speaking truth to power” (giggle) may greatly entertain your sycophantic audience for a while…especially early in the movie…but their cheers do not make you infallibly good.  Many among us in the gullible masses can only take so much easily dished out condescension.  It starts to come across as “How dare they not believe me.  This time I’ll put even more American flags behind me at the podium…surely that will convince them.”


News cycles are fleeting but history will eventually catch up to you.


Consider the countless layers of shame that history should heap on the Democrat Party based on nothing more than the following thirty six words:


Speaker Pelosi’s opening remarks at her latest press conference contained the following passage: “…the CIA BRIEFED ME only once on enhanced interrogation techniques in September 2002 in my capacity as RANKING MEMBER OF THE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE…”


That could hardly sound more preposterous if Jon Lovitz uttered it (in character, of course).  I’m almost speechless…almost.


Finally, my less than perfect memory seems to recall a certain President Bush magnanimously welcoming this partisan political enemy to the speakership with a gracious introduction in front of the largest, most important political audience in the world…his audience.  It will be interesting to see the contrast in how the current President…from her own party…may handle removing her from that post?



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PS. Who was on that plane?

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