My Mom is an 81 year old Democrat. She is a Democrat in the style of JFK but has faithfully pulled the D lever every election since she started voting.

She is also internet challenged. Her foray into the internet ended when she asked my brother about the nice man from Nigeria. It shocked her enough she hasn’t touched it since.

We rarely talk politics but one of our last conversations she said she was voting for McCain/Palin. I was stunned and asked her why.

Her response encouraged me. “The media keeps telling how perfect he (Obama) is and no one is perfect.” She actually used the words gushing, dewey-eyed, and giddy in her description of ABC, CBS, and NBC reporters. She said she is suspect since they really don’t talk about his experience but always seem to manage to include McCain’s age. She remembers McCain’s medical records being released, but not Obama’s. She remembers reporters talking about Palin’s college career but not Obama’s. She also noted that they use words like “Presidential hopeful” when describing him but refer to McCain as Senator McCain and Governor Palin as Sarah Palin or Ms. Palin. It hasn’t set well with her. She believes that the respect shown one side, should be shown to the other.

She came to the conclusion since media has been wrong so many times on so many different issues, that their pushing of this candidate isn’t about the country, it’s about them and she’s not about to let them decide based on “their puppy love crush”.

Without any help from the internet, she has drawn her own conclusions in a world that touts Obama.

I think she should get back on the net. If she can see through the media, I don’t think a Nigerian scam email will trick her again.