The Blue Star Families For Obama are featured in an article in the Hampton Roads Pilot Online here.

The premise of this article begins with an indication that they hide their Obama signs and they must be very careful at barbeques about their support giving the indication that they are a persecuted minority. A minority yes, persecuted no. Military have consistently been a conservative group, it goes with the territory.

The article continues

But a few military wives have stepped out this year to back the Democratic candidate as members of Blue Star Families for Obama.

Yes they have and it began with Michelle Obama on August 6th.

Michelle Obama shared a stage this afternoon with six hand-picked military spouses in Norfolk as the campaign announced the formation of “Blue Star Families for Obama.”


There is nothing wrong with Obama’s campaign reaching out to the military community however, they became part and parcel with the Obama campaign when they stepped foot on that stage. They are now part of the Obama campaign living within the military community.

But in Hampton Roads, several dozen military family members have organized to target military voters through canvassing and phone banks. They produced an online commercial for the campaign, pitching Obama to the military community.

So we have hand picked wives to run Blue Star Families for Obama and now they are canvassing to reach military families. Exactly where are they getting the information on “military families”? It is networking and through military base contacts. And this is where I have a fundamental issue with this group.

These wives fret about having to whisper about supporting Obama but yet they are willing to use contacts they have acquired through the military to get other families to join them.

I celebrate the diversity of the vote but I celebrate it OUTSIDE of my husband’s command. There is a true potential of undue command influence here, i.e., not bucking a senior officer or enlisted person (or their wife) on issues you may not agree with in fear of retaliaton to the spouse. The go along to get along attitude.

I understand the protocol and I understand that as a spouse, I have a responsibility never, ever to exhibit even a small whiff of undue command pressure.

Again, while I celebrate and cherish the privilege of voting, it saddens me that military families are being used in this election.

So spare me the victimhood of your unpopular positon within the military community while using the resources from that community to change minds.