Open Letter to Steve Schmidt and Rick Davis:

It is my feelings that you should address the latest thought being bounced around the airwaves tonight. The thought I am referring to is… “ Who would you want as president should the economic downturn spiral into civil disruption. Who would you want as president if we had to declare martial law?”No doubt that man should be John McCain.When Senator Obama brings up the tax cut for the rich talking points Senator McCain should interrupt him and say” Now America, listen to what this man is saying…He saying its only fair from his point of view that your American government, should take from the rich and give to the poor. Our modern day Robin Hood. Hiding in the Washington DC Sherwood Forest, surrounded by his band of merry men.This is not the America I fought and bleed for. This is imposed socialism. Our young men and women have spilt blood to defend our democracy. This man and his group of thieves want to steal your hard earned money and want to distribute it to who they choose to give it to. They are embarking down a road of class warfare that will pit the poor against the rich, neighbor against neighbor, co-worker against co-worker, American vs American. When they force your employer to pay more taxes, force your employer to provide benefits they can not afford, fine you and your employer for not being part of their group of merry men, that’s not my America. Taxing and fining your employer will result in lost jobs, higher unemployment, higher budget deficits, and bring a depression upon this country that will make the 1920’s look good.But that’s ok, they will give you free health benefits, extend your unemployment benefits, cut your military protection, and say change, change, change. And the change that is in your pocket is what they want. It keeps their band of merry men in business. The McCain presidency wants to cut your employers taxes so they can invest in new equipment, hire more employees, encourage them to spend more on employee benefits, keep your jobs here at home, to invest in our stock market which funds your retirement, your children’s education, your American dream.I guess I could go on and on.

[email protected] McLaughlinHillsboro, Ohio