We are sending this to you in order that you consider the desperate state in which our nation lies, and consider how you, as our elected representative, can change this situation. To start, we are relieved that the “Supercommittee” for which you voted has failed, and we expect you and the others of our party to take on the responsibility to correct the slide to fiscal ruin that this committee could not have stopped. We believe that it is time for the nation to live within the means provided, not to increase the amount of my money which flows into Federal coffers. Our points of view are below.
1. We have seen only the FICA tax reduction affect our taxes in the last 3 years. We believe that change actually damaged the country’s ability to pay for its seniors to retire as they were promised without bankrupting this country even farther. Only when the whole Social Security future is made more certain will we support allowing this tax to be reduced again.
2. There is no reason other than lack of fortitude to allow the stimulus to become part of the budget basis. In fact, budgets for ALL departments, including Defense, should be reduced to the 2006 budget plus 4 percent (that is all that the Labor Department claims has been the inflation amount since then). The budgets of the 2007 Congress and subsequent should be returned to more reasonable levels.
3. Taxes should also be returned to 2006 levels. This “tax the rich MORE” is a red herring. The rich in this country already pay too much taxes, while too many lower-income earners are not encouraged to support our country financially (NOTE: FICA is NOT supporting the general budget and should not be considered as such; reducing it is not in the country’s best interest as we pointed out in 1 above).
4. GE is an example of a company which used the tax law changes since 2006 to influence its behavior and allow it to pay no taxes. We support a corporate tax rate cut, but also suggest that most of the credits and exclusions be stripped from the tax code. Similarly should all price controls such as allowed for sugar be removed from the tax code. Farm subsidies should be capped at $100,000 per corporate entity to prevent excessive subsidy of corporate farms.
5. The taxes which start in 2013 in the Affordable Health Care Act should be stripped, as should the money which was budgeted in that bill in violation of the US Constitution (all appropriations are to start in the House, Article I, Section 7).
6. The requirement that the states fund the increases in Medicaid spending in the Affordable Health Care Act should be considered an unfunded mandate and be stricken, as should any expansion of Medicaid that causes an increase in Federal spending without adjusting it from another source.
7. After these changes are made, general tax rate increases should be considered if these actions are not influencing enough of our economy to regenerate.
8. The nonsense of a balanced budget amendment should be stopped. Instead, a provision should be made that if Congress does not balance the budget, then their compensation is reduced by the percentage of the annual federal deficit related to the GDP. This might help clear some heads.
9. Non-accountable government is bad government as we have seen by the actions of the Attorney General numerous “czars”. Efforts at eliminating the czar-like positions where a person is not given specific duties as legislated by Congress should be stopped. Changing the Freedom of Information Act as proposed by the Attorney General should be abandoned, and exemptions of Congress from Federal regulations should be ended retroactively.
10. Get back to single department appropriations bills.
This is a long list, but you members of Congress should have started on it two years ago when the Republicans became a majority, so I suggest you begin expeditiously. We taxpayers will support you in carrying this out. You will be re-elected if you follow these principles, or will be abandoned by the voters if you choose to abandon these principles. As you may be aware, my wife and I have written to you jointly and separately several times before. In all of these we tend to see you espouse the line of conservatism, but do not get the feeling that you are really listening or maybe believe that the conservatives are “too far right”. My strong suggestion is that you listen and consider adopting the lower spending, lower taxes, less Federal intrusion into our lives. The Tea Party demonstrated in 2010 what happens when representatives do not listen to conservatism. Please consider this in your future votes.

Mr. and Mrs. OhioHistorian