Please know that being a conservative Christian up here in secular progressive Massachusetts can be very trying sometimes. I grew up on the south shore near the coast in what was the old money ,old Yankee area of the state. I can trace my mother’s side of the family right back to 17th century Plymouth and my Dad back to 18th century New Hampshire.  It has been sad to see our wonderful state slip away to the left over the years. In spite of all the “looneyness” that goes on my wife and I along with other good folks go to the polls at every election and fight the good fight. We almost always loose.

I am not a pollyanna nor am I a defeatist, just a realist and I see something big, different and wondefull  going on. Its  underneath all the Polls, headlines and flying below the radar. Its a “ChicK-Fil-A” thing.

Leading up to Obama’s election in 2008 it was almost a crime to question Obama, his background or even his own words. You would be dubbed a racist and run out of town if you even suggested that he might not be all that he’s cracked up to be.  If asked you would almost have to say “oh yeah, I love Obama, he’s a great guy” even if you felt otherwise. They had some of us very , very frightened. That is not the case anymore.

I see signs out now, in front of business’s publicly repudiating Obama’s policies. People have yards signs out here in ultra liberal Massachusetts calling out Obama on near every issue. I have seen “post its” on gas pumps reminding folks how the price of gas has gone up sense this guy took office. I had a colleague pull me aside and thank me for laying out a compelling reason why Mitt is better for us  than Obama. I did this in the cafeteria in front of a mob. You can speak out now against this dangerous man.

All this and more is going on under the radar. And if its apparent here , to me in  progressive Massachusetts I would wager that its going on all over the country.

Lets all get out and vote on Tuesday folks, we have it in our grasp!!!!!!!