Earlier in Trump’s presidency, Senator Mike Lee voted to terminate Trump’s emergency declaration concerning the border. Senator Lee characterized his vote to terminate the emergency on constitutional grounds. His statement on his personal government website reads:

“Congress is supposed to be the first among the federal government’s three co-equal branches,” Sen. Lee said. “For decades, Congress has been giving far too much legislative power to the executive branch. While there was attention on the issue I had hoped the ARTICLE ONE Act could begin to take that power back. Unfortunately, it appears the bill does not have an immediate path forward, so I will be voting to terminate the latest emergency declaration. I hope this legislation will serve as a starting point for future work on this very important issue.”

I guess I can stomach this type of principled objection because Senator Lee has seemed like one of the few actual straight shooters in the Senate. Recently though, some legislation has come to light to make me doubt that notion. In fact, I’m coming to the realization that Senator Lee is most likely just another globalist like the rest of them.

He has in recent weeks, persistently tried to pass bill S.386 which is a bill that outsources more than 300,000 jobs to college graduates from India instead of graduates from the United States. This bill would also fast track these 300,000 plus foreign workers for citizenship. This is just more of the same America last policy making from the GOP and if they truly care what made the rise of Trump possible, then actions like these are the reason.

Finally, I’ll end with this. I thought Mike Lee could be counted on to keep American’s interests first. I guess I was wrong.