Allow me to introduce myself, I am “patriot63”.

There are so many varying viewpoints on the immigration issue.  One viewpoint is that of sympathy and compassion resulting in several different solutions being offered. 

One such example is the “No-Fault Path To Citizenship”. 

Still, others agree that the Dream Act should be fully implemented and to do anything less is to be less than what makes us Americans as a whole citing this nation was built through immigration.

But consider this, regardless of whose fault or blame it might be or who is an innocent bystander and victim of circumstance, regardless of how America arrived to such a point in time that the immigration issue can no longer be ignored because of this nation’s poor and declining economy, providing any pathway to citizenship for any number of illegal immigrants would be the same as forcing a newly wed couple with a new born baby to become foster parents when that family is just barely financially able to make ends meet and take care of themselves.

Full deportation of illegal immigrates may appear to be heartless and a of lack compassion on the surface, but if the immigration issue is to be effectively addressed it must be put into proper perspective, and the issue must be properly prioritized even if being illegal in the country is due to “No-Fault Of Their Own”. 

More than that, I take issue with any person or  representative who condones the practice of “fraud” by illegal immigrants by saying illegal immgrants who have an education should be allowed to remain in the country.   These people committed “fraud” ,for pete’s sake, to achieve the social and economic status they now enjoy.  Not only did they break the law to enter the country they continued to break the laws of the land so that they could remain and to this day still have the support of  both  the Federal Government and U.S. Citizens to do it.  That, in itself, should not be ignored, especially when called into remembrance that the opportunity to achieve  was stolen, entitled or misappropriated, etc. away from “legal”, U.S. Citizens, and legal Children who will never again have the same opportunity to achieve, or the same opportunity for success because illegal immigrants were made a higher priority and given immunity, not only for entering the country, uninvited, but also committed fraud of unwarranted education and many years of illegally earned wages and social benefits.

I personally prioritize the “Constitiutional” rights of “Legal” U.S. Citizens over the “fundemental” rights of “Illegal” immigrants.  This is called, “American Patriotism,”. 

 One of the toughest decisions that many people in America and in U.S. Congress refuse to make is to be an American Patriot, above all else. 

Being and American Patriot has nothing to do with lack of compassion, racial profiling or racism. 

It has everything to do with properly prioritizing the”Commonwealth”, above all else.

 America, prioritzes the rights of “We The People” above all else.

                                                        “American Patriotism”