The Right To Self Govern
The Declaration of Independence of the United States from England said that the people has the right change government if that government became “destructive” to the freedoms and liberties of the people.  Simply stated, the people have the right to self govern through a government that is of the people, for the people and by the people. 
The Fourteenth amemdment prevents the embridgement of and protects the right of the people to self govern from government and government officials, therefore the “majority consent of the governed” can make changes to any state level constitution or U.S. Constitution without the consent or approval of “any” judical court and especially the Federal Court of Appeals of any district, but the Federal Court of Appeals in different districts have continually made it a practice of violating the right of the people to self govern by over ruling the people’s referendum of “Constitutional Convention”, the majority consent of the govern’s constitutional right to make amendments to state constitutions and even to the U.S. Constitution. 
Indeed federal courts are appointed by the “government” but only to interpret and enforce the U.S. Constitution as it stands “and” the changes that “We The People” make to them, but the courts do not have the authority to require it’s approval of such changes to any constitution when those changes are dictated through the people’s referandum, the will of the people, regardless of the U.S. appeals court’s interpretation of such changes.  To do so is to “rule” over the people instead of “govern” by consent of the people and every time that happens the democratic government, or “right to self-government”, becomes a socialist rule. 
Never the less, such infringements to our right to self govern continues to exist by not complaining to state and national government officials of this enormous intrusion of civil rights that is imposed on such a grand scale. 
Propostion 8, California’s referandum to define marriage between one man and one woman, is just such an example and after the judical appeals court returns from their four month “holiday”, another Federal Courts of Appeals will, yet again, be inclined to repeat this infringement and embridgement of the people’s right to self-govern, that is, unless “We The People, have finally had enough of the Socialist judicial liberalism activism controlling this nation and demand that this destructive government change and once again respect the people’s basic right to self-govern.