I’ve now been in contact with the Chair of the SnoCo Republicans. I’m not in a position to say that my previous diary entry on this topic was wrong but I have at least been assured that they are planning for 2009 (city and county races) and beyond and I’ve been invited to the next meeting. In contrast to my first contact, there seems to be some energy and enthusiasm.

They have established five committees:

* Core ValuesDevelop a statement of values (not a platform) that is simple that candidates and voters can relate with.

  • FundingYou know, boring financial stuff (this is not an indication of why I can’t be trusted with a checkbook).

* Party StructureAssess whether or not the PCO structure is working for them, whether the party structure is out of date and what news systems might be needed to mobilize volunteers in future elections.

  • CandidatesRecruitment; determining which races can be targeted given financial constraints; setting political priorities.

* Membership and CommunicationLook at ways to grow the party and how to define party growth in a state that (1) does not register voters by party preference and (2) does not have party primaries; recognizing we have a “hostile” (their quotes not mine, what’s up with that?) and looking at various communication options (suggestion – update your freaking website for starters).

I’m hoping to be able to go to the meeting. It’s at an unfortunately awkward time of day for me, 10:00 a.m., so making it will be tough. Of the five committees, the areas of my interest are Party Structure and Membership/Communication and I’m “pretty sure” I can be named to either committee should I choose to be.