Ohio Governor Ted Strickland is standing by Helen Jones-Kelley, even though a review board found she improperly accessed Joe Wurzelbacher’s personal data and used a state e-mail account to raise funds for Barack Obama. And lied about to boot.

Columbus Dispatch Article

Jones-Kelley, who has been on paid administrative leave since just after the election, received a slap-on-wrist of one month unpaid leave, despite Ohio Republicans calling on Strickland to ask for her resignation or fire her outright. Let’s be honest…we all know what would have happened if Jones-Kelley had been a Republican and Joe Wurzelbacher had been an unemployed Democrat. I think there’s very little chance, under those circumstances, that she would still be employed.


This is a call to action!

Jones-Kelley has been thrust into the public eye. By her standards, that makes her fair game. I draw the line at that; however, Ted Strickland was elected in 2006 so I’m assuming he’ll be up for reelection in 2010. Now is the time to start collecting dirt on Ted Strickland. It won’t be easy. We know Ohio Democrats will cheat and in 2006 Strickland received a whopping 60% of the vote. For the squeamish, please understand that this is neither petty nor vindictive; it’s merely using every legitimate weapon and legitimate tactic available to remove a partisan hack from office.

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