Being a small business owner this subject is close to my heart and I wonder aloud if people truly understand what it means what happens. Lets face it, most people just go to work, do their job and then come home. Sure, they get taxed on their pay stub and some might even look at whats being taken from the pay stub, but do people understand how a small business works?

While the business’s income might be $250,000.00 a year, it certainly isnt what the guy might be taking home after business expenses, pay roll or whatever. Many small businesses and sole propriotorships are taxed as individuals and the forcomthing tax cut repeal and proposed tax increases will absolutely crush them.

Lets not stop there, though.There are many other government mandates which can act as hurdles for the American dream of being your own boss, and I am not talking about common sense measures either.

Whether its tying minimum wages to inflation, proposed mandatory health care requirements or what ever else. They all add to start up expenses and act as default hurdles to mom and pop shops which inevitably hurt them. This is why I maintain that Democrats are the ultimate party of big business – because only such organizations which can take on such regulation can survive.

This bring us back to Joe Wurzelbacher.

If the government was interested in growing the economy and recovering jobs lost by lay offs or cuts by bigger organizations they would be finding ways to help Joe with his dream, not crush it under the auspices of “spreading the wealth.”

Instead, though, is a road fraught with government induced regulation. This road will only get bigger and more complex under a Senator Obama administration backed by a Democrat controlled Congress. We know this only by viewing the bills which were attempted to pass over the past two years.

In the end, though, all this might still not matter.

Yeah, there are tens of thousands of small business owners in this country. However we are still a relatively small segment of society. The question is do people get it and care?