I will keep this simple ladies and gentleman. Since before Fred Thompson was defeated last year I have felt this emptiness of leadership in our party and nation.

Instead of confronting issues and meeting them head on with solid policy we get a daily feed of precisely calculated buzz words and balanced press releases. The result? You tell me.

What concerns me is this continued theme involving the election of the RNC head with a back drop that lauds the exclusion of groups ranging from Christians by North Eastern elites to alienating of legal immigrants through candidates brandishing credentials which never existed in the first place.

Where is the inspiration? Where is that extra umph which Bob Dole and Newt Gingrinch was able to provide during Clinton’s tenure in office?

Ladies and gentlemen right now this party has absolutely no soul, nor do I believe that its leaders want one.

If there was such a desire candidates would be talking to America at large and engaging the common themes which stretch across demographics and engaging us – not just talking past us and bridging over to what ever talking points are cobbled together during morning staff sessions.

Likewise, I believe it may take years in the wilderness until this happens.