After doing some reading this afternoon I feel compelled to make an observation regarding a post made by David Catanese over at the KY3 “Political Notebook.”

There is a very good reason why James Carville’s Democracy Corps pushed the poll and all but wrote a press release for Sarah Steelman. Oddly enough for all the analaysis, Catanese failed to mention this obvious possibility. Maybe because of a bias? Nah.

Just a wild guess here, but could it be that Democrats are trying to stoke a bloody primary between Republican opponents in an effort to suck all the oxygen out of the room?

If there were no primary then the story would shift to why Robin Carnahan is running away from issues and exactly what her positions would be.

Instead the media is fascinated by the prospect of a bloody Republican primary in which both candidates will lose. At this point can you blame some of the curiosity?

With that said the media should not be giving the same pass to Robin Carnahan as it did Jay Nixon.
Being Secretary of State she gets the glamorous role of defending people’s right to vote (even the dead ones), but does not need to reveal how she might vote on issues of substance.

Similarly, some how the Democrat “establishment” is some how able to pave the way for Carnahan while Republicans lining up behind Roy Blunt are blasted as being some sort of rubber stamp.

Never mind an analysis on issues or what Roy Blunt actually did in Congress over the past ten years or so and why many of us support him for his votes, it is all about trying to define the man based on a number of press induced distortions.

This, to me, is the unmitigated strategy in which the media and Sarah Steelman her self are all to eager to play a roll in. This is why I see her as a self serving political opportunist and would find it hard to vote for her in any circumstance.