One of the more interesting (and to be frank irrelevant to policy discussion) topics which popped up over the weekend was a fund raising power point display which skewered Speaker Pelosi, President Obama and Majority Leader Harry Reid.

In the power point presentation, leaked to the Politico, made fun of the three by creating characters of Cruellela DeVill, the Joker and Scooby Do.

The following response from both Democrats and Republicans was one of outrage and embarrassment. Almost to the point of censorship.

Republicans to tuck their tail and run in response to the leak. The media is apparently trying to hype the matter in a manner which makes me wonder if they are trying to distract people from the forth coming debate in the House of Representatives on government ran health care.

What concerns me most, however, is the duplicity in coverage over the matter.

All three of those elected officials in various public forums, insulted President George W. Bush in the past few years. Whether it be calling George W. Bush a loser, claiming the man was incompetent or out right lying about policy (see blaming Bush for everything wrong in our nation).

In media land it seems to be perfectly okay to attack President Bush (or Republicans) in any and every possible way while Democrats are apparently deities who cannot be spoke against.

My own feelings are simply that the individual who created the illustrations should be let be. They have every right to protest their voice and exercise freedom of speech.

Just as Pelosi, Obama and Reid are all free to voice their opinions – so should others be able to do so in opposition. Believing any other way flies in the face of the principles our nation were founded on, and what makes us such a great nation.