Hoosier Voices Tour Kick-Off/Obama’s Misguided Immigration Lawsuit

Listening to the thoughts, concerns and frustrations of Hoosiers is essential to effectively representing Indiana in the United States Senate. That is why Dan Coats is kicking-off his Hoosier Voices Tour today in Newburgh, Vincennes and Terre Haute, Indiana.

Since the beginning of the general election campaign season, Dan has attended round table events with health care professionals and community leaders in Valparaiso, Seymour, Fort Wayne and Crown Point. Today’s events will include health care professionals at all three stops, as well as community leaders in Vincennes and Terre Haute.

“Hoosiers are frustrated with the policies coming out of Washington and the unwillingness of their representatives to listen to their concerns. While incumbent Congressman Brad Ellsworth continues trying to sell the failed Obama-Pelosi ideas he has supported to Hoosiers, Dan Coats is committed to taking the ideas and voices of Hoosiers to the Senate to get America back on track and Hoosiers back to work. “This campaign is about doing what Hoosiers know is best for them, not what Obama and Pelosi think is best for Hoosiers. On jobs, the economy, health care, immigration, energy and other issues, Democrats have been ignoring the consistent and overwhelming majority of Hoosiers opposed to their plans.” – Pete Seat, communications director

Obama’s Misguided Immigration Lawsuit

The Obama Administration filed their frivolous lawsuit against Arizona’s reasonable immigration law yesterday in what was an expected, but disappointing, move.

Speaking to FM 100.1’s Gary Snyder (of The Gary Snyder Show) last night, Dan said he didn’t “see what’s so egregious about [the law]” and suggested this latest “diversion” was “politics as usual” from the Obama Administration. He also said Arizona’s actions were based on a “failure of leadership…to enforce the laws…that are already on the books” on the part of the federal government.

Thus far, no word from incumbent Congressman Ellsworth on where he stands on this important issue concerning the safety and security of all Americans.

In case you missed Dan’s statement following the official filing of the lawsuit, you can find it here or below.


Anti-Illegal Immigration Laws Should be Enforced and Defended

INDIANAPOLIS (July 6, 2010) – Dan Coats, Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, released the following statement following the official filing of a lawsuit by the federal government against Arizona’s recently passed immigration law:

“The Obama Administration’s lawsuit against the State of Arizona is a move based purely on politics, not sound Constitutional principles.

“The Obama Administration’s lawsuit against the State of Arizona is a move based purely on politics, not sound Constitutional principles.

As much as Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi want to make this about legal immigration, this is about illegal immigration and Arizona has taken reasonable steps to address it.

“Our federal government has been asleep at the switch in curbing illegal immigration. Americans have waited too long for their government to fulfill its Constitutional responsibility to secure and protect our borders.

“With the crisis at our southern border continuing to grow out of control every day, Arizona was compelled to take action in order to protect their own state from the federal government’s failure to lead. The Obama Administration should acknowledge this failure and allow Arizona’s law to stand and take effect.”
[Full disclosure: Pete Seat is the press secretary for the Coats for Senate campaign.]