Hoosiers Are Frustrated

Listening to the thoughts, concerns and frustrations of Hoosiers was the topic of the day in Newburgh, Vincennes and Terre Haute yesterday. Speaking to a group of health care providers in Newburgh , Dan Coats said, “Hoosiers are frustrated with policies coming out of Washington,” among those, of course, are the Obama-Pelosi-Ellsworth health spending bill passed against the wishes of a consistent and overwhelming majority of Hoosiers. Not to mention the job-less stimulus and bloated budget, all supported by incumbent Congressman Brad Ellsworth.

Here’s what WEHT in Evansville had to say about the event:

The group discussed their issues and concerns with both the reform bill and the healthcare industry in general. "The main point is to come up with something constructive. It’s not enough to just say no. There are health care problems out there, there are reforms that need to be made," said Coats. Coats later told NEWS 25 one of the reforms he proposes is medical malpractice reform. He says there could soon be a doctor shortage because of the rising number of malpractice lawsuits.

Dan’s ideas were outlined in April when he released the Hoosier Health Care Plan which includes ten proposals to reduce costs and increase coverage without breaking the bank.

Speaking to reporters after a roundtable in Vincennes, Dan explained the importance of “Listening to doctors, listening to health care providers, listening to business people that have to live with this day-to-day.” Individuals and businesses directly affected by the Obama-Pelosi agenda are able to best point out “the massive deficiencies and total overspending and overtaxing in the Obama-Pelosi health care plan.” He noted that incumbent Congressman Ellsworth “has said he listened to the people, he couldn’t have. Or he wouldn’t’ have voted the way he did” on the health spending bill. Instead of heeding the wishes of Hoosiers, Congressman Ellsworth dutifully supported the party line.

The consistent pattern of extreme liberal policies have led to “a lot of uncertainty out there,” Dan said, and “it’s keeping business people from making decisions to hire new people and it’s got the medical profession up in arms saying there’s going to be a shortage of doctors, there’s going to be a diminished quality of health care, an inability to care for people the way they need to be cared for.”


Dan also discussed the frivolous lawsuit filed by the Obama Administration against Arizona’s reasonable immigration law. Here is a transcript of Dan’s remarks:

I think the fact that the federal government has had to file a lawsuit to challenge the Arizona law is an indication that, number one, they are playing politics and they are not doing what they ought to do and that is recognize that the reason all this is happening in Arizona is failure of the federal government to enforce the law, to secure the borders. It leaves states like Arizona, and many, many others, in the position of having to take things into their own hands because the federal government has failed to do what it said it would do. So I am siding with the State of Arizona and its decision and think the federal government needs to step up to the plate and do the job that it was ordered to do under the laws that were passed earlier in Congress. That is, enforce the laws against illegal immigration.

[Full disclosure: Pete Seat is the press secretary for the Coats for Senate campaign.]