The news media, at least Fox News is asking why there was not adequate security, knowing fully the threat to our embassies in the Middle East and North Africa? Do you really have to ask? While it is easy to come to many a conclusion, including those with conspiratorial roots, I see it as plain as day. Chris Stevens and his accompanying US countrymen, our countrymen, were simply sacrificed.

Yes, sacrificed.

Think for a moment what the scene would have been if there were 50 Marines, armed with contemporary US weaponry, the gung-ho attitude that is the US marine, and an aggressive, angry and attacking foe to focus those weapons and tactics upon. Can you say war in Libya?

Do you think that the current President would risk his reelection on the possibility having a new full-blown war erupt in yet another Muslim country? Not a chance! Now think again, with as much as 72 hours warning regarding the risk to our embassy, with the State Department sitting on a Blackwater report and contract for protection of these same people for months at time, was this incompetence, or the deliberate risk of Americans for political reasons?

Do you think this deliberate planned attack would have stopped at the sight of 50 Marines? Hell no!!! These 12th Imam nut-jobs, armed with delusions of waiting virgins don’t care if they live or die. You know how this would have turned out if our embassy was properly defended, with 50 or so of those gung-ho Marines; now don’t you? This would have been a bloody mess! Most the blood would have been that of these Godless heathens, hell bent on sodomy and torture of Americans. Yeah the same Americans actually working for better relations with their backward and depraved country.

These embassies should have been adequately protected or closed. You know it, I know it, Mrs. Clinton knew it and so did the President. The State Department and the administration let these people die, they sacrificed them rather than risk an international scandal right before Election Day. US safety, whether it was been for our diplomats or our civilians has never been paramount for this President. You know it, I know it, now it has been proven.