This November there are 34 US Senate seats up for election. There are 5 seats that are not being contested by an incumbent, and in all of these 5 the current incumbent is an R. There could be a sixth open seat in Alaska if Ted Stevens loses the primary. So we are talking about 28 or 29 seats being contested by an incumbent, and in 16 or 17 of these the current incumbent is an R. Only 12 Ds currently sitting in the US Senate are running for reelection. Only Five of the twelve Ds have been in the US Senate for less than 12 years. Thirteen of the 16 or 17 Rs have been in the US Senate for less than 12 years.So I say let’s have a really angry electorate put US Senators out to pasture with the ones who have the most time in DC going out first. In this scenario the Rs lose Ted Stevens, Thad Cochran, Mitch McConnell, and James Inhofe. The last 2 are an especially big loss, however in this scenario the Ds lose Joe Biden, Max Baucus, Carl levin, Frank Lautenberg, Tom Harkin, John Kerry, and Jay Rockefeller. The improvement to the US Senate of voting out these particular 7 Ds is a vision to behold.Yes I would love to see a US Senate election that results in 16 or 17 incumbents being voted out of office. All of the pundits and pollsters et al will tell me that this won’t happen. I can still dream can’t I? There are no new regulations controlling dreams…yet Senate Seats Up For Election In 2008 State IncumbentAL Jeff Sessions ( 1997 – )AK Ted Stevens (1968 – )AR Mark Pryor (2003 – )CO OPENDE Joe Biden (1973 -)GA Saxby Chambliss ( 2003 – )ID OPENIA Tom Harkin (1985 – )IL Dick Durbin (1997 – )KS Pat Roberts (1997 – )KY Mitch McConnell (1985 – )LA Mary Landrieu (1997 – )ME Susan Collins (1997 – )MA John Kerry (1985 – )MI Carl Levin (1979 – )MN Norm Coleman (2003 – )MS Thad Cochran (1979 – )MT Max Baucus (1978 – )NJ Frank Lautenberg (1982 – )NC Elizabeth Dole (2003 – )NE OPENNH John Sununu (2003 – )NM OPENOK James Inhofe (1994 – )OR Gordon Smith (1997 – )RI Jack Reed (1997 – )SC Lindsey Graham (2003 – )SD Tim Johnson (1997 – )TN Lamar Alexander (2003 – )TX John Cornyn (2002 – )VA OPENWV Jay Rockefeller (1985 – )WY Michael Enzi (1997 – )WY John Barrasso (2007 – )

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