I was moved after reading this diary to go look at the Cook Partisan Voting Index. I went looking for districts that have a PVI of D+8 or less, and a GOP candidate who is not a professional politician. I came up with a diverse list of 15. Some of these 15 are not complete unknowns to RedState, because some excellent pieces have already been written about them. There are three of these that I have requested some excellent RedState diarists to write about them. The other part of the PS to Vassar’s diary is I sent a few bucks to one of these 15, Roy Morales.

I may be getting to be known as a political list guy. That’s OK, but don’t just look at this list. Please click the name, visit the candidate websites, and give them a few bucks.

A Couple of Ladies

AZ-7 D+6 Ruth McClung

TX-25 D+6 Dr. Donna Campbell

Four Military Veterans

NC-13 D+5 Bill Randall

TX-29 D+8 Roy Morales


TX-15 D+3 Eddie Zamora

CA-51 D+8 Nick Popaditch

Seven Business Entrepreneurs

OH-10 D+8 Peter Corrigan

PA-13 D+7 Dee Adcock

NY-27 D+4 Lenny Roberto

NY-9 D+5 Bob Turner

NY-2 D+4 John Gomez

MD-3 D+6 Jim Wilhelm

TX-28 EVEN Bryan Underwood

One Business Law Professor

TX-20 D+8 Clayton Trotter

One Cardio-thoracic Surgeon

MD-2 D+7 Dr. Marcelo Cardarelli

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