The left seems obsessed with Mitt Romney’s tax returns.  Even more interesting, Democrats seem to think Americans actually care about Romney’s tax returns.  I suspect this is because the left is rapidly running out of ammunition and is grasping at straws.

Harry Reid then doubled down by going to the floor of the U.S. Senate to levy an unsubstantiated claim that Romney paid no taxes for ten years.  Reid did not specify if Romney did so illegally.  Without any proof or evidence, Reid of course must be classified as a liar.

Some on the left, like Bob Beckel, while in angry rants about Romney’s tax returns, mention wanting to know if Romney has offshore accounts.  I guess that’s supposed to be bad.

So what if Romney has offshore accounts?  Assuming everything is done legally, why would this be a bad thing?  I would assume anyone, including the wealthy, will do what is most advantageous to them.  Wouldn’t you?

Having offshore accounts would prove Romney understands U.S. tax code and human nature.  He understands why people like Nancy Pelosi and  Debbie Wasserman Schultz use offshore accounts.

As President, Mitt Romney could use that knowledge to change the environment that encourages sending money and jobs offshore.  President Obama obviously doesn’t have a clue.

Of course the left doesn’t want to hear why the wealthy send their money offshore, because the answer is high taxes, and that is 180 degrees away from where Democrats want to go.