President Barack Obama, never one to take responsibility for anything, likes to tell people the reason he cannot fix all those problems George Bush created is the “do-nothing congress.”  He appears frustrated that he cannot ram his agenda through without compromise.

Never mind that he had his party in complete control of both the House and Senate for the first two years of his administration, and he still had to bribe some Senators from his own party to get his mysterious healthcare plan passed.

In addition to getting a healthcare bill that nobody read passed, Obama circumvented law and created his own bankruptcy process to aid his union supporters in the auto industry, got a stimulus bill passed that didn’t stimulate, including for “shovel-ready” projects he later had to admit did not exist, and gave billions to his environmental supporters so they could build failing solar cell factories that included Disney-singing robots, spas and glass-enclosed conference rooms.

Obama did all of this without Republican input.  He didn’t need it and he did not seek it.


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When Senator John McCain reminded the President that Obamacare was produced not out in the open as he had promised, but rather behind closed doors, Obama told McCain, “We’re not campaigning anymore. The election’s over.”

When Republicans presented the newly sworn-in President with some proposals, Obama told them, “Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won.”  In other words, screw you.

By 2010, distraught and disillusioned by failure,  millions of Americans rose up to form Tea Parties.  They tuned in and got involved.  They became responsible for one of the greatest political overthrows in American history.  Many long-serving Democrats simply retired rather than face certain defeat.  Others felt the wrath of people dubbed “artificial turf” by Nancy Pelosi and were sent home.

What Obama doesn’t understand is that these people were sent to congress to stop him.  They were intended by the voters to be obstructionists.  They were supposed to stop cap and trade.  They were sent to Washington to stop Obama’s extreme left-wing agenda.  Now they won the election.

Obama learned what it felt like to be a Republican in 2009.  The shoe went to the other foot, and Obama didn’t like it.  So he resorted to using executive orders, separation of powers be damned.  He got away with making up his own rules for the auto industry, so now he’s decided he can probably get away with making his own rules for everything else.

Meanwhile he goes around the country talking about the obstructionists in congress.  Hey buddy – that’s politics.  What goes around comes around.